Shay McGee reaches 400 saves milestone. (Takashi Matsumoto)
Shay McGee reaches 400 saves milestone.

Takashi Matsumoto

McGee’s Spree

October 26, 2022

The ball travels the field, and the last line of defense is ready to save the shot. They work at once trying to turn the ball over, but the offense remains in control. At the last minute, the offense shoots, and the shot is saved. On Monday, October 17, Shay McGee did something that he has done 400 times throughout his high school career. Once again McGee has defended the Golden Knights’ goal.

McGee gives a thumbs-up at a practice earlier this season. (Courtesy of the Field Hockey Team’s Instagram)

Working alongside co-captains Melissa Brennan and Kaitlyn Siek, and Coach Amanda McCarthy, McGee reached the milestones of 200, 300, and 400 saves this season. 

For some athletes like McGee, life on and off the field are entirely different. They may feel more personally comfortable in their sport or learn something entirely new about themselves.  “Something I find funny is when I take off my helmet, I’m a wimp. I do not understand how they play field hockey without goggles and only like these big shin guards.”

While sidelined briefly during his freshman year with an ankle injury. Shay decided to, “give it [recovery] my all and deal with the repercussions later.” From that injury four years ago, McGee continued to push through the pain and play for himself, as well as his team. “Shay is such a talented goalie, he worked so hard in the off-season and it’s evident that his skills have improved,” said Brennan. “He always wants what’s best for the team and is always encouraging everyone to do their best.”

His commitment to the team for the past four years has shown through both personal and team achievements. “I love the feeling of putting every ounce of energy I have into five seconds, that is my favorite part of it, like going all out and knowing I gave it my all.”

McGee reflects on his 4-years of playing field hockey. (Courtesy of the Field Hockey Team’s Instagram)


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