Bob Wadlow

Norwood’s Longstanding Bus Driver

April 6, 2023

Throughout their childhood, the students of Norwood who ride the bus to and from their various schools have called Bob Wadlow their bus driver. These students, and many others that Wadlow has driven around, have established special relationships with the man behind the wheel.

NVOT sophomore Mikel Salomon, who has regularly taken the Norwood bus since Grade 1, has had the chance to develop a bond with Wadlow. “It’s always nice to see Bob in the driver’s seat each time I get on the bus,” Salomon said. “He’s always positive and kind to us. I always feel safe and at peace when Bob is behind the wheel.”

Wadlow, longtime Norwood bus driver, has an even longer history of serving the community. This has included decades as a delivery driver, public transportation driver, and “seven and a half years” of driving for the students of Norwood. 

Wadlow first “drove a bus when [he] was in college, back in the 70s.” More recently, he was a driver for UPS before retiring nine years ago. He decided he “just needed something to keep [him] busy and occupied.” That’s when Wadlow decided he would return to the bus-driving business. Over the last nine years, Bob has been making plenty of amazing memories with the kids he has driven around.

Throughout the last decade of driving, Bob has specifically been driving Norwood students to and from school. He says he’s “been doing [the Norwood] route for seven and a half years.”

Wadlow’s day has recently consisted of “first pick ups at seven in the morning, doing the high school run, going back to start the Norwood elementary run, and finishing at ten after eight. Then [he goes] home.” Sometimes Wadlow provides transportation for the sports teams of NVOT. Waldow will then go back to NVOT to pick up students from the high school and drop them back in Norwood, followed by picking up Norwood Public School students and dropping them back at their homes.

He enjoys “getting to know the kids, having them know [him],” and “being responsible for getting them home safely every day.” He reflects this with his treatment towards his students and awareness towards their safety and well-being. Wadlow goes out of his way to greet and bond with the students that he drives, many of whom refer to him on a first-name basis. Wadlow tries to create a positive environment and experience for his students with his considerate and gentle personality.

Nathan Kim, an NVOT sophomore has been able to enjoy Wadlow’s charm since fourth grade. “Each time I get on the bus, I get a smile and a hello, along with the occasional quick heartwarming conversation” Kim said. Whenever one of his students exits the bus, he always gives them a goodbye and tells them to enjoy their day and/or weekend.

Many of his Norwood students have had him as their driver since their time at Norwood Public School, some since the first grade. “It’s fun watching them grow up, through the stages,” he said. 

Every student Wadlow drives appreciates his dedication and attitude, and it brings a smile to their faces each day, month, and year that he’s still behind the wheel of Norwood’s bus.

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