Hanna Yoon

KPA advisor shares her dedication to the NVOT community

April 19, 2023

A hydration station, outdoor benches in front of the school, a scoreboard for the football field, and a school library renovation. These are just a few of the many projects Korean Parents Association (KPA) Advisor Hanna Yoon gushed about when asked about how the KPA has contributed to NVOT. Yoon says that parents like her want “to help our children adapt well in school as parents of Korean students, who account for about 30% of NVOT.”

Despite it being the “Korean” Parents Association, this group does not just pertain to and help out Korean students. Yoon explains that the KPA began in 2014 and has donated to the Teacher’s Luncheon, given year-end gifts to school custodians, and gifts yearly scholarships to seniors by raising funds. NVOT’s relationship with KPA has always been wonderful”, says Principal Bruce Sabitini, “I can’t say enough nice things about the KPA.”

Yoon served as the president of the KPA when she first entered the organization in 2020, and she switched to the role of an advisor in 2022. Now, Yoon works hard with several other advisors to help new executives adapt after completing the two-year KPA presidential term.  Yoon and other members help the KPA president, Lee Eunjin, as well as discuss and proceed with projects and meetings. 

However, as time-consuming and demanding as being a part of this organization is, this is not Yoon’s only job. She works full-time on top of taking care of both her children, one a freshman in college and one a junior at NVOT.  “(She’s) one of if not the most hardworking and dedicated people ever seen,” says her son, Eric, “She continues to inspire me to do better and has shown me how much impact a singular person can have on (the) community and school district.” Yoon says that she is constantly thinking about what her children need at school, contacting the school for advice, and fundraising together with other parents when something is needed to collect money.

Yoon wishes to work with the PTO in the future and do many more things for the school and students in NVOT. Although the KPA has been at NVOT for less than ten years, the hard work, time, and efforts of the parents have made the organization become an indispensable part of NVOT. “I feel proud when I give scholarships,” says Yoon, “but I think the best feeling is when I see the growing awareness of how Korean parents work hard for their children and the school.”

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