Kathleen DePlautt

NVOT nurse shares her passion for helping others

April 19, 2023

Students are constantly in and out of the health office for various reasons: headache, stomachache, head injury, you name it. No matter how big or small the reason, Kathleen DePlautt ensures that all students at NVOT leave the office having been well taken care of. With her many years of nursing experience, the last eight years, students never have to be concerned about whether or not they are receiving the proper care. 

DePlautt grew up around nursing; her mother was a nurse–which inspired her to follow the same career path. After deciding that nursing was her destiny, she attended Marymount College of Virginia where she received her associates degree in nursing. A few years later, she went back for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Hunter College in New York. 

“Everyday was always a new adventure,” said DePlautt. She began her journey as a respiratory ICU Nurse, but later gained experience working in a pediatric cardiac unit, a necro ICU, and a medical ICU. She then joined the team at Hospital for Special Surgery for ten years where she started off as a pediatric nurse and then moved on to Administration doing utilization review.

She was eventually promoted to Associate Director/ Acting Director in Quality Assurance and Discharge Planning. After having her second child, DePlautt moved to Ridgewood, NJ. There she had one more child and focused on taking care of them as a stay at home mom until they got older. 

Before coming to NVOT, DePlautt was a substitute nurse in Ridgewood and Glen Rock schools for seven years. There, DePlautt discovered that she wanted to pursue school nursing further inspiring her to achieve her school nurse certification. She started working for NVOT back in 2014 part time but started working full time the next year, alternating days between NVOT and NVD and  has been with us ever since. DePlautt loves working with the students in the Valley, “I am glad to assist them in helping them get through the school day.” 

Aside from nursing, DePlautt enjoys watching US Women’s Soccer, doing yard work, and playing Wordle with her family. In addition to her three children, DePlautt also has a dog that recently joined their family about a year and a half ago, her seven-year-old English Sette,r Finn. 

What DePlautt loves just as much as nursing is making others feel loved.The best way for DePlautt to show her appreciation for her family and friends is through card-giving, “I will always wander in a card store and find something that is just right for someone and send letting them know I was thinking of them.” If DePlautt changed career paths, she would open her very own card store. That’s not her only dream, she would also like to travel by car or train across the country along the Northern States and East Coast to Canada. 

DePlautt’s experience in nursing is truly notable but the experience she gives to students that walk into her office is even more notable. NVOT is proud to have such an amazing addition to the health office.

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