Marie Orr, Amy Luby, and Jenise Esposito

The secretaries who bring professionalism, joy, and an 18-pound turkey to the guidance department

May 5, 2023

Whether you’re going in to mediate stress at the wellness center or for a routine college consultation, three spirited faces are always waiting to greet you at the guidance office.

Guidance secretaries and long-time Golden Knights Marie Orr, Amy Luby, and Jenise Esposito, work alongside you every step of your academic career.  Each runs a distinct role, ensuring that students are happy, healthy, successful and well-versed for college. But what else do they do when they’re not helping students?

Luby, a passionate Golden Knight alumnus, came back to do something more for the school. She now works tasks ranging from registration, keeping grades up to date, student college visits, and running the college fair. Now at her twenty-third year of working at NVOT, she still “loves the community and seeing familiar faces when working.”

Orr jumped around districts before working for NVOT. Now in her thirteenth year, she has been working helping students complete their college admissions process and administering all of the high pressure AP tests. Her most memorable moments come after college results come out. “At the end of the year you always hear the kids bursting in, yelling, ‘I got in, I got in!’ And sitting in the front office, it’s always exciting to be a part of that.” Orr said.

Esposito first started working at NVOT in 2004 in the Board Office. Since then, she became the administrative  secretary and is in charge of tasks from running new registrations, withdrawals, Naviance, helping transfer students, and scholarships. Her favorite part of working has always been students “coming in the office and just need their assistance.”

While their jobs seem vastly different, one role they share is the excitement they bring to the guidance department, or as Luby calls it, “their daytime family.” 

“They all have great energy and make work feel like a more friendly and fun environment.” said guidance counselor Laura Rupp.

Counselor Heather MacRae recalls coming in the first day of school to discover that the secretaries had decorated all of their offices. Her office had a spirited bulletin board with pictures of her family and the beach. “It was the best way to start the year,” said MacRae.

The secretaries recalled their first Friendsgiving (a Thanksgiving celebration with friends), where they brought in an “eighteen-pound turkey with all the trimmings.” Since then, the department has hosted parties ranging from holidays to major life events like marriages, baby showers, birthdays, and Super Bowls. Whether the party is hosted in school or at someone’s house, there is always bound to be a celebration with the three involved.  “Who doesn’t love a party with your daytime family?” Luby exclaimed.

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