Force-ing the Fun

Club aims to find the lighter side of a heavy class


Just like any other class, physics is often looked at by many students simply as a required course. However, Fun Physics is a club where students can get together with friends, perform experiments, and compete against other groups. On Friday, November 2, the Fun Physics Club members built structures out of newspaper dowels and competed to see which would be able to hold the most weight.

Mr. Mustapha Elqariani, club advisor and physics teacher, stated: “I just wanted to have kids exposed to more physics outside of the classroom and get them more interested.”

This seems to be working very well, as sophomore Jenine Sebastian added, “the club is called Fun Physics for [this very] reason.”

Senior President Yathushan Nadanapathan responded about his love for physics when explaining why he joined the Fun Physics Club. He said, “[physics] is one of my passions.”

Sophomore Avery Linder summarized the club by saying, “it is just a break from all the busy things from the school day.”

In addition to hosting in-school competitions, the Fun Physics Club also visits the four middle schools. Senior Vice President Jin Sebastian commented, “we get to see potential club members coming in, and we get to amaze them with physics demos.”  

Visiting middle schools indeed helps in finding new club members. Linder said that she joined the club because “in 8th grade, [Fun Physics Club members] came to our school and did some demonstrations about physics…[which] really interested me.”