It’s a Great Week To Be a Knight

For the first time, a Spirit Week leads up to Golden Knights Day.


Ms. Reinfried


As a parting celebration for a successful first semester, a Spirit Week accompanied the annual Golden Knights Day this year. Student Council, Student & Faculty Senate, Class Advisors, and many other students were involved in this year’s preparation. 

Golden Knights Day is an event typically held during the beginning of the second semester to celebrate students’ completion of the first half of the year. The event gathers the entire school into the North and South Gyms, where seniors face juniors and sophomores face freshman in a series of competitive games: musical chairs, Tug-of-War, Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors, and more. 

Spirit Week led up to Golden Knights Day, which was held on January 31, and began with Pajama Day on Monday. Students and staff were encouraged to check-in during lunch to earn points for their class or department; the class with the most points earned an ice pop party and the faculty department with the most points earned a pizza lunch. 

For the majority of spirit week, the seniors took the lead in first while freshmen held second place, but the sophomores moved up to take second place after winning the majority of the activities on Golden Knights Day. The winning department was the Guidance, Main Office/Administration, Media Center, and Nurse’s office.

Day 1: Pajama Day

Ms. Greco
The guidance department on Pajama Day, the first day of Spirit Week.
Tala Areiqat
Senior Madison Lopez in full spirit, wearing her pajamas.

Day 2: Jersey Day

Ms. Greco
Guidance department poses again in their jerseys for the second day of spirit week, Jersey Day.

Day 3: Throwback Day

Dr. Sabatini
Guidance/main office/nurse’s offices, english, and history department pose for throwback day.
Tala Areiqat
Mrs. Erica Sposa poses in her vintage Golden Knights shirt from when she was in high school.

Day 4: Hat Day

Day 5: Golden Knights Day