The Pre-Winter Break Workload

One stressful week stands in between students and their February break


Tala Areiqat

Students work hard to meet pre-break deadlines

Monday: history quiz. Tuesday: lab report. Wednesday: Algebra unit test, plus an English essay on a book no one in the class bothered to read. Thursday: Spanish presentation. And to end the week before the much-awaited February break, a DBQ and a chemistry test on Friday. 

As February break quickly approaches, so do the many deadlines students have to meet. As teachers fill the week with work that cannot wait until after break, many students are overwhelmed by the increased workload. They are so close yet so far from a break from academic stress—but first, they must conquer the tests, projects, essays, and other assignments that start to pile up this week. 

Sophomore Lily Corso stated, “There are a lot more tests and assignments due the week before break. In a normal week the workload is manageable, but this week it feels like I’m busy every second of every day. Some teachers don’t understand that we have other classes and that I don’t have enough time to do all of the work for every class.” 

Corso is not alone in feeling more stressed-out during the week before February break. “I already have at least one test or assignment due each day this week, and the week hasn’t even started,” said junior Halle Mazzilli. 

Other students do not find themselves suffering from a particularly heavy pre-break workload, such as sophomore Emelee Renderos, who said, “I have a test on Monday and another on Tuesday, but for the rest of the week I’m free. I’m not any more stressed out than I am in a typical week.” 

Even though students may think that teachers pile on the work in the week before break to stress them out, that’s not necessarily true. Spanish teacher Magdeline Rabelo stated, “I don’t believe in giving work during a vacation. I give the most intense work the week before break so I have time during the week off to grade it. I don’t want to assign anything due when students come back because I don’t want them spending their vacation studying.”

This year’s February break spans from Monday, February 17 to Friday, February 21 and students are generally looking forward to it. “I just want to relax, sleep, and hang out with my family and friends next week,” said freshman Isabella Alvarez. “I’m looking forward to a break from all the stress.” No matter how much work they had this past week, it is safe to say that all students eagerly await the much-needed week off.