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The Hidden Faces Behind the Pandemic

The Hidden Faces Behind the Pandemic

A Year in Review: How the pandemic has affected people of every age in our community

“How has the pandemic affected you” is a question that anybody, at any age, in any given country or community has an answer to. For some the answer is loss and heartbreak, for others it may be loneliness or stress, and for certain people the pandemic offers hope and a chance to reflect. Regardless of how the pandemic has affected you or your loved ones, there are still so many untold stories around the world and within our local community concerning how COVID-19 has changed all of our lives forever.

Ms. Brock: Educator and Coach
Madyson Acosta: Age 7; 1st grade
Erica Sposa: Educator and Mother
Olivia Connell: Age 15; NVOT Freshman
Laura Rupp: Guidance Counselor and Mother
Aidan Heaney: Age 16; NVOT Sophomore
Sydney Farrington: Age 10; 4th grade
Dr. Nicholas Pellegrino: Educator and Husband
Chiraag Kankariya: Age 17; NVOT Junior
Emma Busch: Age 18; NVOT Senior and soon to be nursing student at Sacred Heart University
John Anthony: Small business owner of local hair salon
Jim Butterworth: Small business owner of local bagel store

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