Football team visits MetLife stadium in anticipation of Saturday’s game

Courtesy of Matthew Korner

The NVOT football team received their first taste of what Saturday night might feel like for its players, this past Wednesday. The team was able to visit Metlife Stadium and prepare their locker room a few days before the state championship game.  

The players were also able to go onto the field, to get a sense of all the details of the turf, and to familiarize themselves with the grounds for an anticipated “easy transition,” according to senior Chris Passante.  

“I think it was important to have this opportunity, because now when we show up Saturday, we can solely focus on the game,” said Matt Korner, senior.

Before the team left Metlife to go back for practice, they took a visit to the New York Giants’ locker room, where they hoped to find motivation for the game.

For first-year varsity players who did not have the opportunity to play in last year’s victorious game, the visit was seemingly, “a great moment for all of us. We all worked so hard to be in a place like Metlife for the championship. Walking on the field for the first time, going through the tunnel was a great team moment and will always be remembered,” said sophomore Chris Schettino.