Music department trip to Philadelphia leaves this weekend

Student singers and instrumentalists will perform in musical festival outside the city


Photo courtesy of Danny Feeney

Awards from the 2016 music trip to Annapolis

Every year, the music department offers a trip for band students to experience a new city and become better performers. In years past, musicians and singers have been able to experience parts of the country, such as Disney World, during spring break, and this year is no different.
From Friday April 7th to Sunday April 9th students will get to travel to Philadelphia with friends and teachers alike. According to Ms. Amy Wilcox, band director, there is a social aspect of the trip which will include “sightseeing around historical Philadelphia, bowling, pizza dinners, spending time with each other.”
Of course, there is more to the trip than tours and delicious food. Wilcox explained, “The entire group will perform in a music festival located in the outskirts of the city.  We will combine the freshman band and upperclassmen band, and they will perform two pieces together.”  
Wilcox also mentioned that the festival is really beneficial to the students who perform because “there are awards given out based on performance and taped comments which is really helpful to the students.”  
Along with the trip being a great learning experience for musically inclined students, junior Danny Feeney, stated that it “is a very great experience to have.  I’m very excited to perform this year and just for the trip in general.  The entire musical community feels like a little family and we all become so much closer towards the end of the trip.”