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It is likely that Matthew Stafford will appear on television first during the National Anthem

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Which QB will be shown first on camera during the National Anthem

The Super Bowl is the most important game of the NFL season, and for each team competing, they will be relying on the kingpin of their offense: the quarterback. Both Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow have had incredible seasons, with each of them setting personal records in playoff wins and touchdowns thrown. But most importantly, which of their faces will be seen first on camera during the national anthem? 

Well, Joe Burrow is probably the most conventionally attractive quarterback, so TV ratings would certainly benefit from keeping him on screen for the longest duration of time possible. However, Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike Matthew Stafford can certainly make a case for his face to be the gleaming beacon of patriotism. His scruffy beard and large forehead should fill the screen while the Star-Spangled Banner is broadcast through stereo systems across the nation.  

This is truly a toss-up, but while Burrow’s young age and shining blonde hair contribute to his portrayal as the face of football during the anthem, the recognizable face of a man who has spent the last 12 seasons in the NFL purgatory of Detroit is the likely outcome. Stafford was the definition of a good player in a bad situation, and years of criticism for putting up empty stats for a terrible Lions franchise are finally brushed aside. Stafford now has a chance to reach the holy land, and his face will be marketed as the marquee quarterback of Super Bowl LVI during the National Anthem.

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