Baily’s style has developed significantly from her freshman year— going from basic to refined. (Sam Cruz)
Baily’s style has developed significantly from her freshman year— going from basic to refined.

Sam Cruz

Fashion Student of the Month: Kyra Baily

March 31, 2023

Voted one of the Class of 2023’s best-dressed students, senior Kyra Baily is a fashion inspiration for Golden Knights. As a member of the Golden Arts— recently taking on the role of dance captain for this year’s all-school musical, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels— Baily’s style is refined and personal which is why she has been chosen as the fashion student of March. 

Criteria the Lance uses to choose our Fashion Student of the Month. (Sam Cruz)

Growing Her Personal Style

Fashion for Baily has evolved through years of trial and error. “In freshman year, I’d say I didn’t really have much of my own identity. I kind of just followed a bunch of trends and didn’t really work that hard,” Baily said. Baily’s wardrobe was mostly based on the people around her— hindering the progression of her personal fashion sense until the summer of sophomore year when she started thrifting more. “I think that in thrifting since you’re finding unique pieces, it’s more room for like originality in your outfits, rather than just wearing like a bunch of trends,” she said.

Her advice for growing your own style is to scroll through social media: “I would say, scroll around on Pinterest, you know, find like a certain vibe that you like…a certain person that you like their style and go off of kind of what they’re wearing.” Baily also attributes her style progression to her interest in thrifting.“ It’s honestly probably the best thing that ever happened to my sense of style because I’m not rich and I can now buy a significant amount more clothes that are personally what I like.”

Baily on Trends

As trends come in and out of style, capri pants are an item that Bailey does not want to see stay for long. Another trend she dislikes is 1970’s psychedelic pants (typically loosely fitted pants with saturated color patterns) and skinny jeans— “I partake in the baggy jeans trend. I like the silhouette of the small top big pants thing,” explained Baily.

Baily expresses herself through fashion— an extension of who she is. (Courtesy of Kyra Baily)

Baily also strays away from the “business casual”— look— popular with current fashion influencers like Irene Kim or Xenia. “I don’t love the blazers, the oversized blazers that everybody wears, I think I get that they’re like a staple piece or whatever. But like, not really my vibe,” says Baily. Her closet staple is a good jacket believing it adds a little more to any outfit. 

However, Baily makes sure that following trends is not how she defines a fashionable person. “A fashionable person is someone who dresses like their clothes are an extension of who they are,” she said. “I feel like what someone wears is a way to speak without using words.”

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