How to Ruin a Website

Totally not a real scenario of what it would be like to ruin Twitter
How to Ruin a Website

Let’s say you just bought Twitter, one of the most popular and well-recognized websites in the modern era. You’ve spent 44 billion dollars to get here, you better make it worth it. However, let’s just say, you decided to make some of the worst decisions you possibly could to slowly destroy the website and the company. How would you even do that?

Well, here’s how.

One thing you could do is to be like every business person, and decide that your multi billion dollar company isn’t making enough money. So how do you make more money from Twitter? Well it’s simple, add a subscription service, Twitter Blue. While this may not seem like a bad idea on paper, you know what you’re doing, so you make sure that literally nobody likes Twitter Blue. And because why not, make sure people can’t refund it.

You’re doing a great job so far, but now you need to focus on things outside of Twitter itself. Go ahead and lay off a few thousand employees, and make sure  they’ve been working at the company for years. I’m sure that won’t be an issue.

Don’t give up yet, you’re almost there! But now it’s time for the biggest change yet. The one that will change Twitter forever: getting rid of Twitter. Well not literally, but you’ve decided that the instantly recognizable name of Twitter should be changed. So you replace the name and the bird that were so iconic, and replace it with an X. Just an X. Literally crossing out the last thing the old Twitter had. Even Twitter Blue is now X Premium. And with that, you’re done; you’ve successfully ruined one of the most iconic websites of the past decade.

So with all that out of the way, what’s next? What changes will you continue to make? Well, with everything you’ve already done, the only solution is to reverse all your changes. However, this doesn’t leave a very good reputation for you. Thankfully, this situation is completely hypothetical and it’s a good thing nothing like this would ever actually happen. Seriously, could you imagine if this was actually real?


Oh no.

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