Messages to the Class of 2022
  • Dear Alicia Acosta, we are so proud of all your accomplishments and achievements. Good luck on the next chapter in your life! We love you! Tio George, Titi Gina, Jay, Gigi & Joey.
  • Congratulations Charlie Amatrula! We are so proud of you. Love Mom and Dad. Go Cardinals!
  • Congratulations Daniel Rivera & Class of 2022! We are so PROUD of all your accomplishments over the last 4 years at NVOT. Keep shooting for the stars! We love you so much!❤️ Love, Mom, Dad & Sophia
  • Congratulations Daniel J! We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Michael
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The Student News Site of Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan

The Lance

The Student News Site of Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan

The Lance

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Sports Scores
The graduation ceremony has been moved up.
Breaking News: Graduation ceremony time changed
Tala Areiqat, Editor in Chief • June 23, 2022

On June 23, Principal Bruce Sabatini announced in an email communication that the graduation ceremony has been moved up to 4:00 pm due to anticipated rain. Graduates should report to their respective...

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A Great Day To Be a Knight
A Great Day To Be a Knight
The Lance Staff June 21, 2022

After a two year hiatus, Golden Knights Day made a return on Monday, June 20. Students across all grades had the opportunity to show their school spirit and compete in field-day style games facilitated...

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Ahads AP Biology and AP Environmental Science classes pose for a photo during their hike.
These Boots Are Made for Hiking
Grace Sigismondi, Staff Writer • June 2, 2022

NVOT’s AP Biology and AP Environmental Science classes traveled to Flat Rock Nature Center on May 26 for their end-of-the-year field trip. Nearly 50 students, along with teachers Steve Ahad, John Hughes,...

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Amman, the capital of Jordan.
In the Name of Dishonor
Tala Areiqat, Editor in Chief • August 11, 2022

In typical Jordanian fashion, with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, Ahlam’s father sat nonchalantly beside his daughter. Except his hands were bloodied. And he was sitting by the remains of Ahlam’s smashed head. Casually waiting for the police that he had called on himself to...

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Its important to look back on how you got to where you are today.
Dan Ouk, Photo/Design Editor • June 14, 2022

High school is a time of metamorphosis. And while people tend to talk about the butterfly, they forget about what goes on in the chrysalis. In shows and movies, metamorphosis looks easy. It takes fifteen seconds for an anime girl to spin around, become a ball of light, and change into a pretty...

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Alexx poses in a photoshoot.
Brooke Alexx-cellent
Audrey Hansen, Arts and Entertainment Editor • June 10, 2022

2013 NVOT alumna Brooke Greenberg, more commonly known by her stage name, Brooke Alexx, is on the road to musical stardom. The next stop on her road is White Eagle Hall, a live music venue in Jersey City,...

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The cast of Urinetown performing The Cop Song
Ur-ine for a Treat
Audrey Hansen, Arts and Entertainment Editor • June 6, 2022

The theater department came back from Bikini Bottom and arrived at Urinetown. In addition to the annual fall play and spring musical, the team produced a third show on Friday, June 3: a semi-staged, concert...

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Seniors perform a medley of songs from the four musicals of their high school careers.
Setting Traditions and Saying Goodbye
Lara Areiqat, Staff Writer • June 2, 2022

On Thursday May 19, the theater department organized their first annual Spring Showcase and Senior Ceremony. The event honored the seniors involved in theater and featured production programs showcasing...

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Organ donation is a cause close to the heart of some in the NVOT community.
Saying ‘Yes’ to Saving Lives
Lara Areiqat, Emma Mor, and Caroline Tharakan May 13, 2022

Getting a driver’s license is one of the top things high school students look forward to. When the time comes to go to the MVC and make it official, excitement brims as they fill their forms out, anticipating what they will do with their newly earned freedom. But there’s one question at the end that...

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Germano celebrates her 500th strikeout with her teammates post game
GermaNO Way You Get A Hit
Brooke Ackerman, Editor in Chief • May 12, 2022

If you think gym softball can get intense, try getting a hit against Raegen Germano. On Wednesday, May 11, the senior threw her 500th strikeout, a milestone she accomplished in just a little over two years of varsity play.  Germano joined the varsity squad her freshman year as one of three pitchers...

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The NFL season begins on September 8.
An Offseason to Remember
Antonio Campagna, Staff Writer • June 22, 2022

The NFL off-season has been filled with blockbuster trades, marquee free agent signings, and a draft with plenty of surprises. Certain teams improved more than others, but which teams improved the most? The...

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There have been recent victories in NVOT Esports.
The Golden Knights Are LEGENDS in their LEAGUE
Alicia Hamm, Opinion Editor • June 14, 2022

The Valorant and League of Legends divisions of the Esports club both succeeded in making the playoffs this season, with the League of Legends team making the finals. On Thursday, May 12, the Valorant...

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