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The Student News Site of Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan

The Lance

We Weren’t Ready For It

Join us as we go back to the movie theater and discuss how amazing The Eras Tour Movie really was.

The Eras Tour movie is finally here and it exceeded our ‘Wildest Dreams.’ The movie was not formatted as a celebrity documentary, but as a full concert experience–giving viewers an up close look at the show that people who were at the concert didn’t even get. Rewind the experience with us as we break down the movie era by era.


Swift began the night in her Lover era. She wore the most beautiful sparkly bodysuit that ‘made the whole place shimmer’ from the second she stepped out on stage. She sang 5 songs from the album including “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince,” “Cruel Summer,” “The Man, You Need to Calm Down and Lover.” Swifties go to see new angles that one one had ever seen before, the camera captured every part of this era. The best part was screaming the infamous bridge of “Cruel Summer” in the theater with a hundred other Swifties.


Swift took us back to her high school years with this era, playing many of her most popular songs including, “Fearless,” “You Belong With Me,” and “Love Story.” Swift busted out her ‘13’ guitar and jammed to the best songs of the mid 2000s. This was the era that people in the theater started to get up and dance to. They moved to the aisles where they sang and danced as if they were actually at her concert. 


Willow,Marjorie,Champagne Problems, and “Tolerate Itwere the songs Taylor played from her Evermore era.Champagne Problems” is one of Taylor’s best songs and her fans recognize that too. Her live performance gave us a newfound appreciation for “Tolerate It”. We were able to get up in Swift and the dancer’s face and see the emotion they really poured into this piece. 


This era was epic. The last stadium tour she went on was for this album and it was amazing, but this performance managed to top that. This was one of the loudest eras in the theater. People were up out of their seats screaming along to all of Swift’s revenge songs. She played her most popular songs from the Reputation album, “Ready for It”, “Delicate”, “Don’t Blame Me” and “Look What You Made Me Do”. All the Swifies screamed the Delicate chant at the top of their lungs (if you know, you know).

Speak Now

Though this era consisted of only one song, it was still a phenomenal five minutes. Swift wore the most beautiful layered, purple ball gown as she performed “Enchanted”. This era was slightly disappointing because she only had one song. Originally she had two songs, but she cut “Long Live” from the movie to cut down the runtime. The best part was to be able to see the gorgeous costumes up close–the details were unmatched. 


Red 3D balloons filled up the screen as we entered the Red Era, another iconic era from our childhood. After the more relaxed song from Speak Now, the Swifties were ready to dance again. She played her classic radio hits “22,” “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and of course, “All Too Well (10-Minute Version). While some Swifties chose to stand up and dance for “All Too Well”, some stayed comfortable in their seats listening to the song. 


Swift took a bit of a different approach when entering this era and started it by singing “The 1” laying on top of her folklore cabin. Along with that song she sang “Betty”, “Last Great American Dynasty”, “August”, “Illicit Affairs”, and “My Tears Ricochet”. Let’s just say that Swiftie tears were ricocheting all throughout the theater. Folklore is Swift’s most beautiful sad album that tugs at every heart string. 

Surprise Songs

Now this is a spoiler for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, but it is tradition at each concert for Swift to pick two surprise songs to sing and this show she chooses some of her best. Before going into the theater, Swifties had no idea what surprise songs she would play.

“Our Song”: It was the only song she did from her debut album and it wasn’t even featured in every show. It was great that we have it on recording, but it would be amazing if she did more from her very first album.

“You’re On Your Own Kid”: The song she decided to play on the piano was “You’re On Your Own Kid”, a song from her most recent album Midnights


Diving into 1989, possibly Swift’s most well known album and she definitely didn’t disappoint. Out of all the eras this was the loudest one in the theater. More than half the people were out of their seats dancing and singing “Style”, “Shake it Off”, and “Bad Blood”.


The final and possibly best era. Throughout the show Swift had many outfit changes, but she had the best ones for this era. She wore the most beautiful ‘bejewled’ bodysuit and sang “Lavender Haze”, “Anti- Hero”, “Midnight Rain”, “Vigilante Sh*t”, “Bejewled”, “Mastermind”, and ended with an encore of “Karma”. At this point in the movie people were out of their seats and in the front by the screen dancing and singing.  This era had the best dancing out of all the other eras. All the dancers had amazing musicality and technique, but they still made Swift ‘shimmer’.  

While Swift played a lot of amazing songs during her concerts, not all could have fit into the film. She ended up not including 5 songs, “The Archer”, “Tis the Damn Season” which was later in the tour swapped for “No Body No Crime”, “Invisible String”, “Cardigan”, and “Wildest Dreams”. Yes, it was super disappointing that she didn’t include all of the songs from her original set list, but those songs would add at least another half hour to 45 minutes to the movie. All in all it was still an unforgettable movie experience, with the dancing and the singing and being surrounded by an amazing group of Swifties. It was definitely worth the ‘long time coming’.

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