Starch Madness

Starch Madness

Four Categories of Starch With only 1 Winner!

STARCH MADNESS!!! I think we can all agree that some of our favorite foods are made with starch, whether we know it or not. Starch-based products make up just over a third of all foods we eat, and are typically found in the form of breads, pastas, cereals, or potatoes. We decided to split Starch Madness into two categories: Bread Vs. Pasta and Cereal Vs. Potato. There are so many different varieties of starch products that it’s so hard to pick a winner! To make the process easier, we decided to split the starches into multiple brackets. The winner of each bracket will face off and one starch will take home the crown. When we dissect the different types of food products listed, which will be on the top of the list? Who will win starch madness?

Overview of Bread Vs. Pasta

Starting up with eight of our top bread and pasta picks, we had to narrow it down to only ONE starch to take the W. To be fair, there can only be one winner of Starch Madness. We decided to split the brackets into two categories, Bread Vs. Pasta and Potato Vs. Cereal, to gain the best results. Coming in with the final two in both categories, was the warm Cibatta and the good old Italian spaghetti. We made the ultimate decision to choose the overflowing bowl of pasta. This delicious meal, wrapped around your fork, is unmatched. Because really, how can you go wrong with pasta, especially spaghetti?! 

Overview of Cereal vs. Potato

The second bracket that we made truly can keep you at the edge of your seat. Our top choices consisted of eight cereal brands and potato products. Weird combo, right!? But it surprisingly works. We took the time and consideration to pick Fruit Loops as our top contender for cereals. That fruity taste is like no other and we couldn’t part ways. For our top pick of potato based products, can you guess? Obviously, we had to go with french fries. There are endless types of fries; curly, waffle, truffle, and the sweet potato fry. With some sauces on the side, this is definitely a clear winner! 


The final round crowns the ultimate starch winner! The moment we have all been waiting for. Will it be French fries or Spaghetti… I think there is only one true winner, everyone can agree on. SPAGHETTI!!! Why, may you ask? The tangy, salty, spicy and sometimes a tad sweet taste is just mouthwatering. There’s so much that goes into it. You can even add other things as in meatballs, sausage, a meat sauce, and more that blends in with spaghetti just perfectly. The flavor and aroma of this pasta is what makes it so popular among people. This is why spaghetti is the true winner of Starch Madness. 

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