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The Student News Site of Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan

The Lance

The Student News Site of Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan

The Lance

The Lance’s Hot Takes 9

Drama, drama, drama

Hey guys, welcome back to everyone’s favorite part of The Lance: Hot Takes. This week, we have lots to catch up on. We couldn’t be more excited to give our unwarranted opinions on three (three?!) hot new couples. From pop-girls to tragic comedians, here are our hot takes:


Louis Partridge and Olivia Rodrigo Spotted

World’s most attractive couple? Louis Partridge and Olivia Rodrigo are definitely up there. The relationship status of the British actor and American singer-songwriter has seemingly been confirmed. The couple was first seen together in October 2023 when blurry photos surfaced of the two being all touchy-feely walking the London streets. But who’s really convinced by some blurry photos? Us, obviously. Anyways, Partridge was then seen supporting Rodrigo at both (Both. Yes. Obsessed.) Jingle Ball and SNL earlier this month. As if it couldn’t get any better, the two were spotted kissing while…getting gas? A tad bit unsanitary and even a little disgusting, if we do say so ourselves, but young love is just so beautiful they can’t contain themselves (but while getting gas, seriously?). Although we aren’t expecting a hard launch from these two on Rodrigo’s socials any time soon (thanks to ex-boyfriend-aka-her-inspiration-for-Rodrigo’s-hit-heartbreak-song-“Vampire,”), we are fully obsessed with them. 


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Romance Heats Up

Oh wait, World’s Most Attractive Couple definitely goes to these two. Sorry, Rodrigo and Partridge. Taylor Swift, who needs no introduction on The Lance, and Travis Kelce, star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, are dating!!!! We literally will never stop talking about this. Dating!!!! On November 11, Kelce traveled all the way to Argentina to support Swift on tour. The commitment…we’re literally blushing writing this from our high school in New Jersey. While singing “Karma,” Swift even changed the lyric from “Karma is the guy on the screen / Coming straight home to me” to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs / Coming straight home to me.” We quite literally watched the videos of her changing the lyric, Travis being overwhelmed with love, and Swift’s father being the most excited one of them all just about 100 times. They sealed the night with a kiss (literally) as Swift ran off the stage straight into Kelce’s arms, sending everyone into a frenzy. These two are truly breaking the internet, it’s concerning… The support goes both ways, as Swift has been seen supporting Kelce at multiple of his games. She’s even getting mad at refs to the point where she’s dropping F-bombs on live TV. That’s our girl! Seeing Swift so happy is making us so happy, so thank you Travy <3. 


Matt Rife Drama

Comedian Matt Rife has been taking the heat over the past few weeks. After his Netflix special release, things have gone downhill for Rife. Rife has been very popular on TikTok and is now getting more fame, but with fame comes scandal. Multiple girls have come forward saying they were dating Rife around the same time…and wow, we didn’t expect that one. We are seeing a new side of Rife and we definitely don’t like it. Social media influencers Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield expose Rife on their podcast, CANCELED. It was revealed that Brooke was an item with Rife while he was talking to other girls. C’mon Rife you can’t do our girl Brooke like that. We see your true colors…Who does he think he is? It’s obvious that the fame is truly getting to his head. We thought he was a funny good-looking guy, but it turns out we have been disappointed (big time) #canceled #byebyeRife.


Braxton Berrios and Alix Earle Love Continues

Has Alix Earle finally found her forever man? We think so. Earle has confirmed she is dating NFL Man AKA Braxton Berrios. Ever since they went public on Alix’s Podcast Hot Mess, we have seen how much happier Big Al has become. We truly think Braxton is the man for her (despite their five year age difference, but who’s counting?). Yes, we know they aren’t T. Swift and Travy, but we love them just as much. Let’s not forget about the sweetest birthday message Berrios posted for Earle, “Observing you has been inspiring, being with you is fulfilling, and loving you is easy”. Loving you is easy?! Isn’t that what every girl wants to hear??? He better be the one because if he isn’t, true love doesn’t exist.  Anyways, let’s talk about that upgrade!!! Tyler Wade could neverrrr. It’s official, every girl needs a Braxton Berrios in their life. 


Tate McRae Takeover

We’ve all heard the trending TikTok sound: “When was the last truly f—–g nasty, nasty, bad pop-girl?” Well, TikTok, our drought in the nasty, nasty, bad pop-girl world has been filled by Tate McRae. It’s officially the Canadian singer and dancer’s time. McRae released her sophomore album, Think Later, on December 8. We all know her OG hit songs, “you broke me first” and “that way”, but this album almost puts these songs to shame, especially her new hit, “we’re not alike.” You’re telling me a 20-year-old wrote, “Said she was a “girl’s girl”/that’s a lie / Said she had my back/but she had the knife.”? Okay, actually it does sound like a 20-year-old, but that’s still a work of art! McRae made her debut on SNL last month and had the audience going from dancing as hard as possible to sobbing. A true queen. The beloved pop sensation seems to have it all. She can dance like we haven’t seen since Britney Spears and break hearts like we see from someone new basically every month (sorry ex-boyfriend Cole Sillinger). We’re so excited to see where McRae’s career is going to go, but in the meantime we’ll be streaming Think Later


We hope you enjoyed our hotttt takes. We’ll be back soon, and don’t worry we can assure you that we’ll be talking about Kelce and Swift again. Talk soon!


Liv and Gracie

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