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Hot Takes: Grammys 2024

Our non-expert Grammy predictions are back
Hot Takes: Grammys 2024

We’re backkkkkk. We’re here to give our Hot Takes on the much anticipated 66th Annual Grammy Awards. This year we see some of our favorite artists get the recognition they finally deserve (SZA with 9 nominations, yup) and…well some other artists. Let’s hope this year we’re just a tad better at predicting than we were last year!


Record Of The Year

What we want: Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero”

What we predict: Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero”

Everyone knows Taylor Swift is The Lance’s MVP. She always shows up for us no matter what…especially when we need some drama to write about (thanks Travis Kelce <3). And this year, we expect nothing less. Swift will be coming home with the Record Of The Year award for “Anti-Hero”, the hit single off her also nominated album Midnights. According to Wikipedia (a beyond reliable site), “critics described the synths as ‘simmering’ and ‘buzzing.’” We couldn’t even tell you what a synth is, but this song certainly had us buzzing! While all we really want is to see Swift and Kelce make their red carpet debut, watching Swift win this award would most definitely make up for it. 


Album Of The Year

Gracie wants GUTS to win and predicts that it’s going to.

Liv wants Midnights to win and predicts that it’s going to.

Gracie: Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS album will definitely be awarded the Album Of The Year at this year’s Grammys. GUTS is Rodrigo’s second album, following Sour which let’s not forget went double platinum!! I think we can all agree that “Vampire” had a severe chokehold on all of us. I’ll even say it “sunk [its] teeth into me.” And who doesn’t have their own “Lacy”??? Every teenage girl in America can relate to Rodrigo’s GUTS album. Yes it’s true that Taylor Swift has taken over the world this past year, but I believe Rodrigo is the underdog and will take home this award. 

Liv: It’s her year!!! Swift will be winning the Album Of The Year for Midnights. This is Swift’s tenth studio album, and some (me) might even say it’s one of her best. “You’re on Your Own, Kid” and “Maroon” are quite literally God-crafted. Oh wait, Swift-crafted? Same thing. The Eras Tour was the only thing anyone was talking about this summer, and it’s time to finally give Swift her flowers. Gracie said it best, actually, “Taylor Swift has taken over the world this past year.” Midnights is one of her best albums all around–songwriting, production, vocals—and this Grammy is hers.


Song Of The Year

What we want: “Vampire”

What we predict: “Vampire”

“And every girl I ever talked to told me you were bad, bad news” Our girl was almost too relatable with this one. And to follow up with “You called them crazy, God, I hate the way I called them crazy too” Once again, Olivia Rodrigo messes with all of our emotions!! “Vampire” makes even the single girls belt these lyrics like they’ve just gone through the biggest heartbreak of their life (We can confirm this is very much true). 


Best New Artist

Gracie wants Noah Kahan to win and predicts that he’s going to.

Liv wants Gracie Abrams to win and predicts that she’s going to.

Gracie: There is no doubt that Noah Kahan’s career has skyrocketed throughout this past year. And rightfully so, with top songs like “Stick Season” and “You’re Gonna Go Far’,’ how can you not be obsessed with Kahan?? And, imagine being able to collaborate with Zach Bryan??? These two on a track together is mind blowing. With more heart-hitting songs to come, Kahan deserves the Best New Artist award for 2023. 

Liv: Gracie Abrams is everything and more right now. Imagine being able to tour the country opening for Taylor Swift. There isn’t anything better. Actually, there is. Imagine being able to tour the country, opening for Taylor Swift, and playing the debut hit studio album you just released. Yup, that’s Abrams. She deserves this award. There isn’t anything else that needs to be said.

P.S. We are obsessed with Kahan and Abrams being obsessed with each other in their Instagram comments. Can’t they just be obsessed with us, though?


Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

What we want: “Karma” by Taylor Swift Featuring Ice Spice

What we predict: “Karma” by Taylor Swift Featuring Ice Spice

We can all agree that MetLife Stadium has seen a lot. From Giants and Jets playoff wins to amazing high school football championship games. Yet, the–objectively of course–best moment in MetLife Stadium history is when Ice Spice joined Taylor Swift on stage to perform “Karma” during the Eras Tour (yes, you read that correctly). You’ve never seen or heard something like those 72,000 people screaming. “Karma” by Taylor Swift featuring Ice Spice can, and will, transcend generations. While no one quite knows what they’re saying–“Sweet like honey, karma is a cat”– this duo is just too powerful right now to not win Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. 


Best Country Album 

What we want: Rolling Up The Welcome Mat by Kelsea Ballerini

What we predict: Zach Bryan by Zach Bryan

Rolling Up The Welcome Mat is definitely one of the best albums of the year. Kelsea Ballerini had us screaming, crying, and fighting for our lives when she released this EP post-divorce. “I know the truth is hard to hear, but it wasn’t hard to find / Baby, were you blindsided or were you just blind?” Wow. If Ballerini wins this Grammy, we will truly feel like proud moms. Butttt, Zach Bryan’s self-titled album was on replay 24/7 for us this year since its release in August. This album has some of his best lyrics and collaborations of his career. If you turn on the radio in your car (we know, rare because…like Bluetooth please??), the chances that “I Remember Everything” featuring Kacey Musgraves comes on are very high. Whether Ballerini or Bryan wins this award, we’ll be more than happy, but we think Bryan is going home with this one.


Best Melodic Rap Performance

What we want: “Low” by SZA

What we predict: “Low” by SZA

Best Collab of 2023?? Not only did SZA absolutely serve with this song, Travis Scott also made a special appearance!! “Low”, a part of Sza’s SOS album, has gone platinum with 1 million units sold. “And I’m all on your mind” “Wherever you are, don’t call me” OKKKK SZA (bringing the energy and mindset all us girls need to have). The whole SOS album should be nominated to be honest, it’s that good. “Whatever you need don’t call me”- SZA really set the tone in 2023. Our girl needs to win Best melodic Rap Performance!!! 


Let’s hope this year our predictions are correct and there’s no apologies to the Recording Academy. Stay tuned for our next article!

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