Hot Takes: 2023 Grammys

An Apology & Our Opinions on the Grammys

Dear the Recording Academy, 

From the bottom of our hearts, sorry…


Now that we got that over with, hey guys, welcome back to everyone’s favorite part of The Lance: Hot Takes. Prior to Sunday’s 65th Grammy Awards, we gave our embarrassingly-bad predictions on who/what we thought was going to win. Unfortunately, we flopped. But, we are here to make up for it by giving even more opinions (I bet you didn’t think we had more in us, did you?) on everything Grammys. 


Year of Lizzo

When making our predictions, we consistently thought: We LOVE Lizzo, but no way is she going to win. We couldn’t have been more wrong then and more sorry now. She ended up winning one of the highest acclaimed awards, Record of the Year, for her song ‘About Damn Time’. Her performance of ‘Special’ honestly moved us, almost as much as her award acceptance speech: “And [to] anybody at home who feels misunderstood, or on the outside looking in like I did, just stay true to yourself.” We just want to hug Lizzo and seriously never let go. 

Let’s not forget, she was also glowing in all of her outfits. And the red carpet hard launch with her boyfriend? We’re literally eating it up. We have always been Lizzo-lovers, just check our sophomore year Marketing I final project literally planning her concert tour. But if we weren’t already Lizzo biggest fans, now we are and we will never doubt her again.


Beyoncé Was…Late

Beyoncé showed up late to the Grammys, which we would be fine with if it was because she got stuck in an emergency or something of any substance, but Queen B got stuck in traffic. Okay, we get it, traffic in LA is bad; well, we don’t actually get it but we’ve definitely watched Emma Chamberlain’s old Youtube videos of her sitting in traffic. Anyway, does Beyoncé not teleport everywhere she goes? Does she not own her own helicopter that just drops her into Jay-Z’s arms on the red carpet? She was literally so late that she missed winning an award. 

Although she was late, Beyoncé shattered the record for most Grammy wins ever, proving once again that she slays time and time again. So, one of us owes her a very big apology. 

Charlotte: Since Liv is forcing me to apologize… Beyoncé, I’m sorry. You definitely deserved to win the Grammy for Best R&B Song, and I do love “Cuff It”. I guess you are a little less overrated now, but seriously, you can’t even get to the Grammys on time? 


Audience MVP: Taylor Swift

Our first audience MVP goes to our personal favorite, Taylor Swift. From the very beginning of the night, Swift was up and at ‘em. She definitely had more champagne than problems (IYKYK true Swifties) on Sunday night and it was obvious as soon as Bad Bunny hit the stage; when it came to the hips, Swift was going just as hard as his backup dancers. As the night went on, she continued living her best life, and honestly, we all need this energy in our lives. Did you guys see her dancing when Lizzo won Record of the Year for ‘About Damn Time’? It seriously does not get better than that duo and Swift’s support. 

As we all know, Swift has had some controversial encounters with her ex boyfriends over the years, but this year’s run in with her ex Harry Styles gave us everything we needed in life. When Styles won Album of the Year for ‘Harry’s House’, one Beyoncé fan screamed, “Beyoncé should have won” (at least we can all agree the fan wasn’t Charlotte). Swift immediately stood up clapping for Styles after this, knowing she was one of the only ones standing in the crowd while her ex-boyfriend accepted the award. It immediately took us back to the 2009 VMAs when Kanye interrupted Swift and no one stood up for her. Everyone needs a Swift in their life to quite literally stand up for them, no matter if it’s for their ex-boyfriend or not.


BTS Has Been Beat. 

We were VERY confident that Coldplay and BTS were going to win Best Pop Duo/Group Performance because, obviously, its BTS and Coldplay. Instead, Sam Smith and Kim Petras won with their song, ‘Unholy’, leaving us feeling like we were shot in the heart (more like a shot to our egos.) Anyway, this win was mildly shocking, but the song was very popular so it makes some sense, unlike Bonnie Raitt winning song of the year with ‘Just Like That’. Smith and Petras then gave a very… interesting performance. Smith stood on stage singing surrounded by dancing demons doing the Nae Nae. 


We’re really trying to forget about that performance and focus on the fact that we won’t be seeing BTS until 2025. Bye boys, you will be missed <3

While we epicly failed this year, don’t worry we’ll be back next year with more. Maybe we’ll get at least one prediction right, but our opinions are always right. Before we go, we’d just like to congratulate Wet Leg on his two wins, and sorry for judging you, but maybe you should change your name. Bye for now, you’ll definitely be hearing from us soon…



Liv and Charlotte