The Lance’s Predictions for 2024

The Lance’s Predictions for 2024

Five things that we know will happen this year

With the arrival of 2024 everyone is left to wonder what will happen during the course of the new year. However, there’s no point in wondering if you can make predictions that you’re overly confident about. Since you’re already reading this, I’ll let you know about some of the things that I know will happen this year. This story will age perfectly.

1. The Ravens will win the Superbowl
As of right now, the Ravens are one of, if not the most dominant team in the NFL. With a record of 13 wins and four losses, the Ravens—arguably the best in NFL right now—are on their way to becoming the champions of Super Bowl LVIII.

2. Movie Flops of 2024
While 2024 has many movies worth looking forward to, they’re not all going to do well. Here are some that might flop, both critically and commercially:
* Godzilla v Kong: The New Empire:
It’s already been done around 50 times before. Nobody’s really going to care about the 51st one.
* Joker: Folie á Deux:
While the first movie was a major success at the time, nobody remembers it anymore, and most people even know that Joker is getting a sequel. Your movie can’t do well if most people either don’t care or don’t know it exists.
* Snow White in Live Action:
Somehow people still watch Disney Live Action movies, so admittedly this movie will make a good amount of money. However, since Disney’s budget is always so high, the movie is probably not going to make much money in return.

3. AI will Increase its Ability and Decrease its Relevance
Ever since its explosion in popularity last year, AI has become a new hot topic. AI has only continued to expand and get more advanced every day. However, most people don’t talk about it anymore, and barely anyone knows just how much it’s grown since its initial burst of popularity. Overall, I think this trend with AI will only continue in 2024.

4. We won’t get any snow days this year
Sorry to ruin everyone’s hope for snow this year, but it’s not going to happen. I know we just got a decent amount of snow, but don’t count on it. We haven’t seen anything snow-day-worthy in multiple years, and 2024 isn’t going to be the exception.

5. We will get more field trips
To end on a more positive note, I think we’ll get more field trips this year. Ever since COVID, field trips have been put at halt. While we’ve still had some, and club or class specific field trips have been doing well, there hasn’t been much for field trips for a whole grade. However, I think 2024 will finally mark a change, and we’ll see more field trips, or at the very least, more exciting ones.

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