Dogs vs. Cats

The Great Debate


The greatest ongoing debate of all time…

One of the greatest debates of all time is cats or dogs…which is the better pet? We will look to settle this argument once and for all.  

Livi: I think we all know the answer to this question… 

Brooke: You seem a bit too confident for a girl whose opinion is just plain wrong…



  • Dogs are very interactive animals that love to entertain their owners. Their playful personalities ensure that you are never bored: they are always ready to play fetch, go on a walk, or just chill with you. You can also teach them tricks like rolling over, high fiving, dancing, or even speaking. Another quality that makes dogs extremely fun to be around is that they can participate in the same activities humans do: you can dress up together for Halloween, go on a run, and even go swimming at a lake or pool.
Dogs are entertained by entertaining you! (Credit: Unsplash)


  • Whoever said that a cat can’t be playful is simply wrong. Cats love to go wild with string, chase a toy around a room, and while they may not bring the ball back to you for fetch, a cat will still chase after the ball, bringing you the same amount of joy. Cats can serve as great companions, and are often occupied with the simplest of toys — all you need is a piece of string and they’re satisfied…talk about saving money!
Satisfied with the simplest toy! (Brooke Ackerman)



  • There is no doubt in my mind that dogs are better companions than cats. Dogs are not just a pet, they’re a best friend. Dogs are great for comfort and emotional support because of how affectionate and loving they are. By snuggling and petting your dog, you are simultaneously easing depression and anxiety. Whether the dog is big or small, their presence is substantial, and just having them around makes us feel less alone and happier.


  • Who says that cats can’t be your best friend too? Cats are generally on the smaller side and can be super cuddly and affectionate. A cat is soft, sweet, and smart. They can sense when you’re in a bad mood and know exactly how to comfort you. They can easily jump up right onto your lap or chest and snuggle in, showing their owner warmth and love.
Whoever said that a cat can’t be a (girl’s) best friend, is wrong (Brooke Ackerman)

Livi: I’m not saying that they can’t act as a best friend, but what I am saying is that they are absolutely no competition to dogs.

Brooke: And yet you’re still wrong! 

Livi: *aggressively rolls eyes*

Cuddles!!! (Olivia Klein)



  • After you train them, dogs can hold their own in the house. Caring for a dog is as simple as walking them and feeding them. Plus, if you have a backyard, their daily dose of exercise can be fulfilled by you simply opening your backdoor for them. Both of these tasks are short, easy, and can even act as a fun way for you to form a better relationship with your loving, cute, amazing, loyal, perfect… where was I? Oh, right, these tasks can help you bond with your pup, which makes them so worth it!


  • Dogs can take weeks, even months to properly “potty” train, but cats only need a week or so to learn where the litter box is. No walks are required, so you could get on with your busy day and not have to worry about having to spend time walking your pet. And when they have used the litter box, the clean up is simple and quick. Feeding a cat is even easier than dealing with a litter box. You can leave a bowl of food out and they will nibble on it all day. No mess, no stress, just a low maintenance pet.



  • Have you ever heard of the stereotypical dog and mailman conflict? This is because dogs are so loyal, and love to protect their owners in any way they can. They use their barking as a defense mechanism to fend off any threats; they can also scratch, bite, and chase intruders. Not to mention that they are also much bigger than cats, making them much more intimidating.
Dogs can do it all! The same dog pictured can be trained to protect against threats, but at the end of the day, can be silly and snuggly. (Credit: Unsplash)

Brooke: Snuggly isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind looking at that picture…Sure a dog can bark, but have you ever seen a dog climb a wall to get rid of those pesky flies? Or jump on a giant spider that you may be too afraid to deal with yourself? Cats are quick and intelligent and know when to attack those gross and annoying bugs that crawl around your house. Also, not to mention a hissing cat…they can be super intimidating, causing people to jump back, and offering their owner a sense of comfort and protection.

Who needs a fly swatter when you have a THIS?! (Credit: catster)



  • Although dogs bark loudly, this does not happen frequently. Aside from their only way of communicating, they don’t make much other noise. This is because, unlike cats who jump on counters and break things, they usually remain on the floor or a couch.
AWW! Look at how peaceful and QUIET she looks! (Olivia Klein)


  • No matter how loud your cat may be, it will still always be quieter than any dog. Loud, obnoxious barking? No thanks. A cute little meow? Much better. Dogs have always been vocal animals, howling anytime a car passes by, or if they spot another dog on a walk. But a cat? The loudest noise you’ll hear is a majestic purr to show affection, or an innocent meow to get their owner’s attention.
Unlike dogs who are only quiet when sleeping, here’s my cat who keeps it cool 24/7… (Brooke Ackerman)


Livi: Dogs ARE cuter, here’s mine…

(Olivia Klein)

Brooke: That dog may be cute, but just take one look at my cat and your heart will melt (probably because she’s actually cuter)

(Brooke Ackerman)

Brooke: No matter which animal you think is cuter or what side of the debate you’re on, there is something about having a pet that just makes life a bit better…but only if that pet is a cat. 

Livi: And that’s where you’re wrong… 

Brooke: So since Livi is so clearly wrong, let’s see your opinions below. Which is the better pet? (Just make sure to choose cats!)

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