The Lance Playlist: Spotify Wrapped

As 2022 comes to an end, we explore the many ways to reflect on the year – reminiscing with friends, looking through pictures, and the highly-anticipated Spotify Wrapped. This year, we were curious to see what The Lance staff is listening to in their AirPods during class all year long. So, we sent out a survey. Members were asked to report their amount of minutes listened, top genre, top artist, and top song. Here are the results:

Our staff’s minutes listened ranged from 549 to an overwhelming 129,947, which would add up to 90 straight days listening to music (how could you possibly listen to music for that long? We wish we knew).

The Lance Staff’s overalled minutes listened to Spotify in 2022 (Addison Gioffre and Sam Cruz)

As for genre, we received a diverse variety of answers, including indie rock and K-pop. Still, pop dominated, with rap as a far-off second. It may be basic, but it’s a clear favorite nonetheless.

Our staff listened to many different artists this year, including rappers like Drake and Gunna, country singers like Morgan Wallen, and pop stars like Charlie Puth. Still, there was one artist who dominated The Lance staff’s playlists, and we know her All Too Well (sorry, I couldn’t resist). That’s right, Taylor Swift received nine votes for top artist this year— accounting for almost one-third of the publication. The second most popular artist was Kanye West with three votes.

The Lance Staff’s top genres in 2022 (Addison Gioffre and Sam Cruz)

The final part of our survey asked for everyone’s top song. And after a variety of interesting answers, we decided to share our music with you, the readers. So, check out our winter 2022 playlist to see all of our top songs from this year.