Video Game Recs: New Year Edition

What games to look forward to in 2024
Video Game Recs: New Year Edition

It’s already 2024 and I’m excited to see this year’s new wave of video games. I mean, there were so many amazing additions to the video game world during 2023. These include Pikmin 4, Super Mario Bros Wonder, Diablo IV and Persona 5 Tactica, to name a few. So what is there to look forward to in 2024? New ports, original games, wonderful graphics, what’s in store for us to see?

I’m Elaina, and this is my fellow writer, Gavin. The two of us share a common love for video games, and want to expand our video game knowledge out to NVOT. Through different perspectives on gaming, with everything from first-person shooters (FPS) to indie horror games, we seek to share our perspectives on gaming with the NVOT community. So let’s review some new and exciting releases for the 2024 gaming gang. 

5) Mario Vs. Donkey Kong [February 16, 2024]

No way: Nintendo is revisiting the Game Boy Advance era? Donkey Kong is back at it again, stealing the mini-Mario toys. Solve intricate puzzles, fight newly revised bosses, and use strategy to win these stages. Not only is it an exciting game featuring the lovable Italian plumber, but it also challenges your brain in fun and interesting ways. I always love a good puzzle game. Sorry Mario Wonder, I still love you, but there’s something charming about having fun and staying sharp.


4) Princess Peach Showtime! [March 22, 2024]

Finally, a Princess Peach game; I’ve been so excited for this release. As someone who was born a year after Super Princess Peach’s launch in 2005, I’m excited I get to grow up with my own Princess Peach game. As the lovely Princess heads to the Sparkle Theater with her toadstool friends to see a play, all things break loose. Thus, she must team up with Stella, the theater’s guardian, to stop the Sour Bunch from ruining the show. I love games like these, their theming is so creative and I can’t help but think of my childhood, imagining myself fighting crime as a baker. Hey, I have very interesting dreams–let me wish to take down bad guys with bottles of vanilla icing.

3) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door [March 22, 2024]

Another sweet remake—first there’s Mario Vs. Donkey, and now the Thousand-Year Door remake. 2024 seems to have doubled in coolness. Collect the seven crystal stars alongside adorable and lovable sidekicks as Mario travels through various locations to find the Shadow Queen. Now, this is what I like to see, Mario going back to its original roots with interesting stories, amazing side characters and a really good combat system. Sorry Origami King, but my heart is with the originals. Besides, now I get to laugh at an interesting storyline, witty dialogue, and successful battles. Wait, did that ghost just kiss Mario? 

2) GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle [February 15, 2024]

I can already hear the pain and suffering of Project Sekai players in this rhythm game. Follow along as the player while Lumen, Lola and Luxia sing their songs. Tap, slide, hold, and flick to the beat with the goal of obtaining a new high score. Unfortunately, no English physical version of the game has been announced yet, only physical and limited Japanese versions. Music and rhythm are something I know everyone can enjoy, especially music that gets down to the core and makes one boogie. Although, the Japanese language barrier will be quite difficult… Welp, time to give my money (and my family) to Duolingo.

1) UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes [January 24, 2023]

Another installment for the Under Night In-Birth series has been announced, where we follow the Hollow Knight. Wait, Hollow Knight, like the game Hollow Knight? Sorry, wrong franchise, still a cool game though. Take control of Hyde, the story’s protagonist and high school youth, as his mysterious EXS powers awaken when he crosses paths with mystery girl Linne. Work with Linne and Hyde’s new powers as they battle Paradox, the strongest user of all, before even more disaster strikes down. He can have fun fighting monsters, I’ll be happy fighting monsters from the comfort of my bed. No need to fight monsters in real life when I can fight them from behind the screen.

2024 seems to have some exciting thrills in store, and I’m extra excited to delve into these games. Even without official release dates, there are still so many good games lined up for 2024. I guess I better start finishing up all my games, cause I know my collection is gonna be expanding. Gamestop, here I come!

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