March Madness Picks

NVOT Students and Staff give their picks for the NCAA National Tournament

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  • “San Diego State, Gonzaga, Arizona, Purdue” – Kyra Chrenko

  • “Gonzaga, Kentucky, Arizona, Iowa” – Thomas Scott

  • “Gonzaga, Kentucky, Villanova, and Kansas” – Alexa Essmann

  • “Kentucky, Gonzaga, Villanova, and Auburn” – Troy Essmann

  • “Chattanooga, Miami, UCLA, Kansas” – Eddie Sullivan

  • “I think Auburn is going to win because they have a great team this year and have had a pretty decent season so far. ” – Harley McGinnity

  • “I think that Tennessee is going to win because they won the SEC tournament and beat highly ranked opponents. My second pick is UCONN because I like the school. #love-it” – Marc Mancuso

  • “I think my initial pick is going to be University of Kansas” – Mr. Verbarg

  • “UNC all the way” – Dylan Drulinski

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