Brooke Alexx-cellent

NVOT alum paves her way in the music industry


John Brown Photography

Alexx poses in a photoshoot.

2013 NVOT alumna Brooke Greenberg, more commonly known by her stage name, Brooke Alexx, is on the road to musical stardom. The next stop on her road is White Eagle Hall, a live music venue in Jersey City, New Jersey, where she will perform Saturday, June 11. 

Brooke Alexx grew up in Old Tappan, participating in the all school musical and choir during her time in high school. After graduating, she went on to study Music Production and Recording Arts at Elon University. Post-college, the aspiring performer moved to Nashville to pursue music, and has recently taken the stage at Lollapalooza Festival in August 2021, which she documented on Youtube and with her growing TikTok presence. She was also a contestant on the American Song Contest series, a competitive TV series where singers from all 50 states compete to win Best Original Song. Alexx represented New Jersey and premiered her original song “I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore.”

“In sports, it feels like there’s a set path that you follow to make it. And in music, it’s not as cut and dry,” Alexx said. Since her days as a Golden Knight, Alexx has always had a love for the stage, but she also grew a passion for film—a passion that she said was greatly influenced by her teacher, Mr. John Housley—and one that she pursues alongside music. When Alexx is not scribbling song lyrics or singing to crowds of screaming fans, she works for Warner Music Group as a video editor. Although her overall hope is to make performing and creating music her primary career, “being around other creators fuels [her] creativity.”

TikTok serves as the perfect platform for Alexx to combine her passions: film and music. TikTok allows her to interact with her fans and promote her appearances. “A lot of music these days starts on TikTok,” she said. “[It’s] is so influential right now, and I’m lucky that I was able to get on the platform early and build a fanbase there.” 

While Alexx has started to make a name for herself, she has also acknowledged that all artists, ”have to figure out [their own] ways to get their music heard.” 

In addition to her appearance at White Eagle Hall, Alexx will also be performing at Summerfest, an annual festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that will be held from June 23 to July 9. Ultimately, she hopes to go from sidewalks to red carpets: “I want to become a household name and sell out arenas and stadiums.”