Golden Knights Marching Band Goes Gold

Marching band makes history at Nationals

For the first time in school history, the NVOT marching band won first place in Nationals at Allentown, Pennsylvania on Saturday, November 5th. 

The team performed a routine dedicated to Japanese artist Kusama, representing her work with polka-dot props and colorful color guard costumes to honor Kusama’s pattern-filled artwork. Marching band director Amy Wilcox says the design team, consisting of Wilcox, Rick Morey, Trish O’Shea, Joe Bergen, and Teddi Sotiropoulos, chose to dedicate their performance to Kusama. The flag and weapon work was coordinated by one of the color guard’s instructors and Trisha O’Shea, the color guard head coach. The dance work was choreographed by instructor Jill McDermont. 

Although the band is much smaller, with an entire saxophone unit missing and the color guard having only 10 members, Wilcox said, “numbers really don’t matter as long as we have students that are committed to working hard together towards a common goal.” 

Drum major Kiki Liu said their success came, “not just because of the long hours, but because everyone who was involved put their full effort into each practice every single time.” Band members spent their lunch and free time practicing. 

Liu adds, “We all worked extremely hard this season, and I’m so proud of everyone in the band.” Additionally, the color guard captain, junior Denise Renderos says, “I learned so much of what it means to be a leader. I’m truly so proud of my Color guard. They are so determined to try hard things and want to win, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to lead.”