The Latest — Students in the High School, Heroes in the Middle School

November 7 to November 18

Heroes and Cool Kids
Throughout the first two weeks of November, the Heroes and Cool Kids Club visited the middle schools to teach the kids about high school and life skills. Norwood was the first middle school visited on November 1st while Harrington Park was the last school visited on November 8. The ‘Heroes’ (high schoolers from NVOT) spent one class period talking to middle schoolers and playing games about resilience. This was the first visit of three throughout the year, with the next visit occurring later in January.

Varsity Debate
The varsity debate team attended a competition on November 17. The competition was at Fort Lee High School where teams debate about NATO. Caroline Tharakan won an award for “Best Judge.” There is going to be another junior varsity and varsity team meeting on Monday, November 21.

Japanese Club
On Tuesday, November 15, the Japan Club held a calligraphy event in A210. Club co-president Sachi Ikuma demonstrated how to write as other club members participated in practice.

On Wednesday, November 16 the JV varsity smash team claimed victory over McNair High school thanks to William Kwon’s Little Mac and Mario. The team was informed by Mr. Lai himself that they were 2nd in Bergen next High Tech last year’s champions at almost everything. Mr. Lai said, “If we keep winning we could go to a university where you’ll compete in the state semi-finals.”

Philosophy Club
On November 9, the Philosophy club began to read Plato’s Apologies in their usual meeting space: room 205. The philosophy club will continue to meet and finish Plato’s Apologies this Friday.