The Latest — New Year, New Play

December 5 to December 12


On December 1, the Hand-In-Hand club participated in a Karaoke night in the North Cafeteria. It is said to be a part of their Christmas-themed meeting. Continuing with that, they made their monthly themed artwork, placed by the senior portraits. The kids and students at NVOT had a lot of fun with the karaoke. They have karaoke meetings about twice during the school year, once in the Spring as well. Club advisor Mrs. Doherty says “It’s a highlight of the year!!”


 The team had the most challenging match of their season as each game went to the last game last stock. The team’s founder fought hard but lost in the, however, varsity and co-founder member Michael Langone said “they set the team up for success.” Varsity member Shane Lee lost round one but had a nail-biter round two and three which he had won. Lastly, varsity member Michael Langone lost his first match but made a comeback as his King Dedede secured the knights a place in the top four where they will fight three other schools for the championship at Rider University on December 17. This week the League of Legends esports division also made its way to the top four, the team is seeded number one and is aiming for the belt again.

Golden Arts 

As of December 11, the Golden Arts program has started hosting auditions for the spring musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. With students submitting videos showing off their vocals specials and dance.