The Latest — Student Council Preps for School Pep

January 10 to January 17


Student Council

To bring back cheer and spirit in the student body to make school days a little more fun-filled. In the coming week, NVOT students will be able to dress in spirit. Every day there will be a new theme and students can show off their creativity. The themes were discussed by the Student Council members on January 12. 

PE Department

The NVOT PE Department hosted a dance unit and crowned the winners on January 10. The winners were Jonathan Chin, Matt Caluri, Seho Lee, Marc Mancuso, Zach Helfman, and Elan Ofeck. 

Music Department 

NVOT Valley Voices, Encore Chorus & Concert Choir, and Combined Choral Ensembles held a Choral Extravaganza on January 12. Choirs from Northvale, Harrington Park, Norwood, and Charles DeWold middle schools also participated. 

Science Department

This year’s science league will be competing in the National Science League as opposed to the NJ science league as they have done in the past. This means they will only be competing in one competition at the beginning of May. 

Art Department

Junior Kimin Kang and sophomore Seoyeon Kim were recently honored by Mad in America’s Teen Arts Project. Kang’s artwork was featured in Mad in America’s Emerging Artist Exhibition and Kim was a finalist in the exhibition  ‘Beyond Labels and Meds: What It Feels Like To Be Me” for her work, “Soaring Through Insecurities.”