AP Parking: The Hardest Class of the Day

The worst types of people in the OT senior lot and student drop off

After getting through a 10 minute back up and finally reaching your destination of NVOT Regional High School, your trouble has only just begun. Right as you turn into the school you are faced with impatient parents and stubborn students who make parking your car feel like an eternity long endeavor. Here are the top five worst types of drivers at NVOT that make getting to school harder than getting A’s in AP classes: 

1. Parents that cut off other parents at drop off

First on the list for the absolute WORST are the parents that use the right lane to cut off the other parents waiting in the left lane. Not only is it unfair for the parents who are patiently waiting their turn, but it takes them forever to turn back into the left lane and it ends up blocking all of the seniors using the right lane trying to get into the senior lot. These parents woke up early, left their house early, and then patiently waited in line just for a parent who just rolled out of bed to get in and out before them. Please be considerate of the parents who sacrifice their sleep and time to get their kids to school on time. Shout out to them, you guys slay. 

2. Parents that park in the senior lot in the morning

Second on the list are the parents that park in the senior lot and just sit there until their kid is ready to go in. Seniors pay $5 for a spot and get to school early just to get a good one for it to be taken by a parent for free. Unless you are going to pay the $5, put the sticker on your car, and leave your car there all day, please be considerate of the seniors that do. And drop off your kid in the drop off line—I promise your child will be fine walking into school early and can maybe even use that time to get a head start on their work or attend extra help for a class they are struggling with.

3. Students that park over the lines

I couldn’t even begin to list all of the times poopy parkers have blocked off oncoming traffic because the back end of their car is sticking out. But I can list the amount of times the same maroon car has backed over their line into my favorite spot and I have become the car that sticks out and blocks traffic. Whoever is driving that chunky maroon car, stop backing in. It makes me sad when you do. Thankfully, the spots are wide enough that if people DO park in between two spots, another car can still fit, but your side mirror may get taken off in the process. Not because I hit it, because I got out of my car and took it off myself to spite you and your bad parking.

4. Parents that drive in the middle of BOTH the left and right lane when entering the school drop off

I totally understand the struggle of making a right into the left lane but if you creep up just a liiiiiittle bit further before turning I promise you can make it fully into the left lane. Not only will it save the seniors time, but it will also probably save the back end of your car in case an impatient senior attempts to squeeze through. And they will, because I am the impatient senior who thinks I can squeeze through. Beware. 

5. Seniors that won’t let you get to the left lane when exiting the senior lot

We all want to go home just as bad as you do. Blocking us from getting into the left lane will not hinder your estimated time of arrival considering the fact that WE’RE NOT GOING IN THE SAME LANE AS YOU. It takes us two seconds to get across. And even if we are already halfway across the right lane to get to the left, the oncoming right-laners don’t stop. They are fully prepared to hit us because how dare we use their lane to get to the left lane. Stop being so aggressive and stubborn, it scares me.


BONUS: Juniors that park in the senior lot. Nothing more to say.