Serving Seniors A Loss

Seniors and staff members go head-to-head

On Thursday, March 2, members of the senior class faced off against staff members in a volleyball game at lunch in the North Gym. Ultimately, the seniors lost by a score of 30-28. 

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  • The staff team makes exciting entrance to face-off against seniors.

  • Staff members break through their banner.

  • Staff march out onto the court.

  • Science teacher Steve Ahad on the court.

  • Coach Byron refereeing the game.

  • Seniors get ready to take on their teachers.

  • Senior Nathan Park spiking the ball.

  • Players in action.

  • Assistant Principal Robert Hyman celebrates the teachers’ lead.

  • Seniors prepare for their comeback.

  • Senior Bryan Harden in action.

  • Students Marin DeGennaro, Isabella Alvarez, Sanjana Philips, Zoe Fleury, Ally Manteiga, and Max Baly watch the game.

  • Ahad spiking on the seniors.

  • Senior Nathan Park airborne as he scores on his teachers.

  • English teacher Jennifer Dee cheering on STEM teacher Nicole Hodgeson mid-game.

  • Players on the court mid-game.

  • Seniors prepare for match-point.

  • Mrs. Dee celebrates victory over seniors.

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