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Winter guard wins bronze in Stratford, Connecticut

The winter guard after their win in Stratford.

The winter guard after their win in Stratford.

On April 1, 2023, the winter guard won their first medal, bronze, in the Scholastic National A class at the Musical Arts Conference Championships in Stratford, Connecticut, scoring 80.590. 

According to winter guard captain Denisse Renderos, the trip to Connecticut “was calming.” She said the team maintained the mindset they’ve kept the whole season: “Don’t walk into the competition wanting first, walk in wanting to do the best you possibly can and strive to do better each competition.” 

This was especially important since the winter guard made some changes to their program, ‘Moon and Beams’, which they performed throughout the season to the song ‘Moonlight Sonata.’ Renderos said the changes “were pretty difficult to master” but their mentality helped them have their “best show yet.” 

Winter guard director, Trish O’Shea, said, “It was so exciting to break 80 in a higher class.” The team was able to celebrate their success before the ride home, having “a little team bonding pizza with [their] alumni friends” and during, Renderos said they “stopped for McDonald’s and sang karaoke all the way home.” 

O’Shea said the winter guard’s next and final competition will be on Sunday, April 23 at the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network Championships at RWJ Barnabas Arena in Toms River, NJ.