Winter Sports: Checking in with Girls’ Track

Team looks to start the season with a leap


Ava Klein

The red flag on the track

Ava Klein, Staff Writer

It’s officially the time when students transition from fall sports to winter sports, and practices for winter track began on Monday, November 27th.

The team will have many of the same coaches from the previous year, including Head Coach Peter Dunn. The only new addition is Mr. David Burns, the head hurdle coach, who previously coached at Tenafly High School. Sophomore Taylor Thornton said, “Although I’m only a sophomore…I can already see that this season will be really different.” Senior Caroline O’Sullivan added, “I have a completely new training plan with the addition of a new coach.”

Aside from practices, many students have been at the gym on their own time. O’Sullivan stated that it’s her “first season of transitioning into the mile, so I did begin to add more mileage to my body with the same intention of speed-based training.”

Along with the returning members, many new freshmen are excited to join the team. The new members “are a little shocked as to how intense the work is,” Thornton stated. However, O’Sullivan mentioned,  “…three of the four [freshmen] girls came from cross country, so they are used to this workload and are better able to adapt to the new style that Coach Burns has brought along.”

Everyone is getting ready for the cold winter season ahead with their first meet on December 18th.