Tackling the NFL Draft

Ranking the Best and Worst Teams from the NFL Draft


The 2023 NFL Draft featured many dynamic prospects and crazy developments. Three teams likely found their franchise quarterbacks in the first four picks. Between the Texans trading up to select Will Anderson, Will Levis falling to the Titans in round 2, and the Eagles selecting Kelee Ringo in the fourth round; there’s a lot to unpack from this year’s draft. 

Top 5 drafts:

1. Steelers- The Steelers had an outstanding draft this year. In the first round Pittsburg traded up for standout Georgia tackle Broderick Jones. The son of former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, Joey Porter Jr, one of the draft’s best cornerbacks fell to the Steelers at pick 32. The early rounds of the draft weren’t the only strong ones for this Pittsburgh draft class, as they continued to take the top player in each round for needed positions across the roster. The Steelers managed to snag the teal of the drafts, taking third round TE Darnell Washington out of UGA, and finding more talent in the late round drafting CB Cory Trice Jr. 

2. Colts- The Colts got outstanding value for their picks. After addressing their franchise QB needs in the first round of the draft, the Colts managed to grab CB Julius Brent and WR Josh Downs on day 2. Downs was predicted to be an early second round pick, but the Colts secured him in the third round. The Colts also addressed their offensive line needs by drafting Blake Freeland in the fourth. The Colts added much needed depth to their secondary adding Darius Rush and Jaylon Jones all on day 3. On top of that, the Colts drafted Ade Ade, a 280-pound defensive lineman who ran a 4.49 second 40 yard dash. Overall, getting great value for their picks, and addressing the teams biggest needs is what got the Colts this highly ranked.  

3. Giants- As Giants fans anticipated their first round pick, a barrage of the top receivers went four picks in a row right before they were on the clock. With the current position on the draft board, the team quickly took the best available player in Deonte Banks, and followed up their next two picks with some great value. Managing to select John Michael Schmitz at pick 59 and standout Tennessee receiver Jalin Hyatt at pick 73, who were both valued way higher than where the Giants drafted them, gives the team an edge in the draft rankings. 

4. Eagles- The Eagles started off their draft by trading debatably the best player in this 2023 draft Jalen Carter and followed it up by taking his college teammate in the late first round. The Eagles continued their trend of taking Georgia defenders when they traded up former 5-star recruit Keele Ringo in the 4th, hoping he will develop and become the player we hoped he would be going into college. The main attention grabber for the Eagles draft ended up being the day three trade for Lions superstar running back D’andre Swift. Overall, they filled all the needs to make a run for the Super Bowl again in 2024.

5. Cardinals- Arizona had a very solid draft this year. After trading back in the first round, they selected a franchise caliber tackle in Paris Johnson Jr. The Cardinals still managed to get their featured player, while still gaining assets to help them in the first round of the 2024 draft. The rest of the Cardinals draft should not be hidden behind the first round, as they continued to land solid prospects throughout each round. This should hopefully help build the foundation for rebuilding a team that’s trending downward. 

Top 5 Worst Drafts:

1. Cowboys- Obviously only time will show how prospects will play, but for the first three picks the Cowboys made were above the value they were given. The Cowboys, having needs at other positions, ended up reaching for second round talent at pick 26. Losing tight end Dalton Schultz was one of the Cowboys biggest losses this offseason. Although the position was taken care of in the draft by taking Michigan tight end Luke Schoonmaker, his stats at Michigan do not back up the value pick he was taken. DeMarvion Overshown was the most questionable pick of the three. There is no hiding his athleticism and skill in coverage, but this pick seems to fill more depth then it does to find a quality player. 

2. Patriots- Although the Patriots arguably got the best CB in the draft after trading with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the rest of their draft was not up to par. They took raw talent in the second and third rounds and then took three interior linemen in the later rounds. Finally, to finish their draft they were the only team to draft a kicker and punter. The Patriots did not address any of the team’s needs; they were predicted to fill the holes at the WR and OT positions, but failed to do so. Overall, they drafted the same way they do every year, safe and conservative. These old ways will not be able to keep up with the ever changing league. 

3. Commanders- The Commanders wasted their first round pick on Mississippi cornerback Emmanuel Forbes. The draft board was loaded with top prospects–yet they still went with the 6’0 160 pound CB. With that frame, the transition from the college level to the NFL will be rough for him. All the draft classes this year had roster changing moves, however the Commanders’ draft was the opposite, potentially putting head coach Ron Rivera in the hot seat. This draft class has no game changing players to help the needs of last year’s team. 

4. Saints- It seems in recent years the Saints just haven’t been in any positive NFL news. The franchise continues to stay quiet in the media and consistently stay MID. Taking Clemson Bryan Bresee was a reach in the first round, and their best pick was second round edge rusher Isaiah Foskey, but he’s still a raw prospect. In a draft class as talented as this one, the Saints had the picks to revamp their team but instead went the safe route.

5. Lions- Having two first round picks may look pretty on paper, but when you see the Lions reached twice doesn’t help very much. Taking Jamir Gibbs, a second round talent taken in the top 15 was a very risky pick. To follow it up they reached again on inside linebacker Jack Campbell. Even at pick 34 they managed to miss on some of the better tight ends in the draft. Overall the Lions just seemed to make a move that would be the second option for any other team.