Best Kdramas to Watch After AP Exams

Celebrate the end of the AP Season with Lighthearted Kdramas

AP Season is officially over, and you know what that leaves you with? Time. What’s almost as hard as taking two AP exams back to back? Finding a good Kdrama with a happy ending. In order to help you get out of post-AP depression and scoring anxiety, here is a list of rare Kdramas that end with a happily ever after to help you unwind. And don’t worry, although your AP exams may not have ended on a high note, I made sure all these Kdramas do. 

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo 

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AP exams are not for the weak. That’s why I recommend this Kdrama with a super strong female lead character: Kim Bokjoo, a university student training to become a weightlifter. Although strong physically, she is weak emotionally and mentally, and insecure about her larger figure. Enter handsome, tall, and boisterous childhood friend, Jung Joonhyun, who ends up getting on her bad side through a string of misunderstandings after their reunion. This chaotic childhood friends-to-enemies-to-lovers will have you either crying or laughing, the perfect antidote for post-AP depression.

Fight for My Way 

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After fighting for your life to get a three or above on your exams, get ready to curl up and watch two friends fighting for their way in life. After finally finding her passion in her 20s, Choi Aera struggles to catch up to her peers to make it as an announcer. Meanwhile, her childhood best friend, Ko Dongman, steps back into the ring as a boxer for the first time after being traumatized by a high school match. The Kdrama is able to blend relatable and realistic elements of late bloomers while keeping the childhood best friends to lovers trope lively. Viewers have no choice but to root for the pair who are always bickering like children but have each other’s back no matter what. This slow-burn Kdrama will help the time pass by quickly while waiting for AP scores to come out. 

I’m Not A Robot  

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It’s no wonder AP students feel like robots: we’re forced to cram, memorize and spit information out in record time. Don’t worry, we’re not the only ones who are forced to imitate robots. The  main character of this Kdrama, Jia, is rightfully creeped out when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend has created a robot that looks identical to her. However, a day before it is sold to a rich investor, it breaks down. Knowing that Jia is short on cash, her ex offers her money to trick the rich investor by pretending to be the robot. However, unbeknownst to both of them, the rich investor, Kim Mingyu, has a rare condition that makes him deadly allergic to humans. Shenanigans ensue in an attempt to fool the socially slow-witted investor. The witty show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats while simultaneously staying light-hearted. Although a bit of a strange concept, the show does a surprisingly good job of executing the forbidden love trope, and it will certainly take your mind off of the heartless robot-like AP graders. 

Monthly Magazine Home

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Just like how students are forced to study endlessly for their AP Exams, the main character of this Kdrama has to grit her teeth and work hard to please her new boss as an editor at a home-magazine company. Our main character Na Youngwon and her new boss Yu Jaseong start on the wrong foot and continue to foster a bad relationship as it is difficult to see eye to eye because of their differences. Youngwon is trying to save up money to finally buy a house but believes that a home should be a warm place. In contrast, Jaseong is rich and successful, able to buy almost any house he chooses. Yet, he holds no attachment to his house, leaving it empty and dreary. It’s very heartwarming watching the pair grow closer and learn from each other despite their differences. This enemy-to-lovers-to-secret office romance Kdrama doesn’t have a lot of serious topics, but it keeps viewers entertained with its comical tone. It’s lighthearted and recommended for anyone who wants an easy watch. As AP exams come to an end, this Kdrama will help you cozy into your own house. 

Two Cops

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Most AP Students are all too familiar with living a double life in school, having to juggle college-level classes while enjoying a normal high school life with friends and other social activities. In this Kdrama, the spirits of a sleazy con man and a serious police officer hungry for justice magically fuse together after a freak accident. Forced to share one body, conflicting opinions, and hilarious antics ensue as the two personalities fight for control. To make matters more complicated, both men fall for the journalist who reciprocates feelings for one of the two, although it is not clear who. It’s a very strange way to execute a love triangle, but it works, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats to find out which man she truly loves. Two Cop has something for everyone; action-packed scenes, mystery-filled plot lines, a classic love triangle, and hilarious scenes. You’ll be living your own double life between binging this Kdrama and getting all the sleep you lost from studying for the exams back.

School 2017

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After cram-studying for APs, I’m sure the last thing you want is to go anywhere near anything related to school. Thankfully, Kdramas have always been a little unrealistic, and this Kdrama is no exception. This Korean school-centered drama features a bubbly high school girl, Ra Eunho who is unfairly framed for the trouble caused by a mysterious student “X”. In order to clear her name and find the real culprit, she teams up with the son of the school director, Hyun Taewoon. As expected from a Kdrama male lead, Taewoon is cold, arrogant, rich, handsome, and gets jealous easily. But don’t worry, he’s misunderstood. And of course, he only has eyes for our leading lady. This Kdrama will leave viewers squealing, kicking blankets, and feeling butterflies as we watch two high schoolers go through their first loves. It’s slightly cringy, but it has everything you love about Kdramas, and it’s definitely a classic. Even after the horrors of the AP Exams, this Kdrama will make you want to go to school.