It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Door decorating contest is underway


Ms. Hering’s unfinished door in room F201. Doors will be judged on 12/22.

It’s the holiday season, so get ready to walk down the halls and see decorated doors, thanks to Student Council’s Door Decorating Contest.

The club will host its annual contest this month. Students and teachers decorate the doors with big pieces of paper, glitter, and glue, according to Student Council Advisor Hollie Fox, to make creations including snowmen, paper snowflakes, and Christmas trees. To decorate the doors, people use “everything from cotton balls to lights to photos to things that move,” said Associate Secretary for the Assistant Principals Mrs. Nicole Benasillo, “ and the creativity level [within the doors] stays consistent, every year, especially with the different themes because we always see new things.”

There will be three separate winners chosen by Assistant Principal Robert Hyman, Assistant Principal Jennifer Mezzina, and  Mrs. Benasillo. The judges will walk around the hallways on Friday, December 22 during periods five and six to choose the winners together. “We will be judging the Holiday Door Decorating Contest based on a very strict rubric consisting of the following criteria: originality, artistic creativity, and spirit,” said Dr. Hyman.

This creativity among the doors had been noticed by students, as well. Sophomore Ciara Leddy said, “I like art myself, so when I walk the halls, I see the different ways people included holiday spirit into the doors. Also, the contest is interesting because it allows student’s creativity to be displayed in a fun way!”

Senior Lyle Katzman said “The decorations have gotten much more creative over the past four years. I like walking through the hallways and seeing something new besides what I have been looking at for the past four years.”