When will the Mets stop Metsing?

Diving into the Mets Recent Struggles


Since Steve Cohen took over for the Mets two years ago, the team has made many marquee free agent signings and trades, but the Mets are still yet to win a playoff series under the new ownership. On top of an epic collapse in the 2021 season, the team won 101 games in 2022 just to be eliminated in the wild card–the two things the seasons had in common is their lack of major acquisitions at the trade deadline. 

What’s holding them back from a World Series?

The Mets acquired Javier Baez in July of 2021, who only spent half a year with the team amidst the team’s fall off, and last year’s biggest acquisition was Daniel Vogelbach. The team got nowhere as a result of the two moves. The Mets have one of the league’s best prospects including Brett Baty, Francisco Alvarez, Kevin Parada, Mark Vientos, Ronny Mauricio, Jett Williams, and Alex Ramirez. While some of these prospects have seen limited playing time in the majors, others are blocked at that level. It’s time the Mets stop prospect-hugging and start making the necessary moves to win this season (or just play them.)

What is going on right now?

The team had an inconsistent start and has struggled as of recent, but their division, the National League East, is one of the best in baseball. The pitching staff has one of the national league’s worst ERA as a group, after having one of the league’s best in years prior. This is largely due to poor performance from veteran Max Scherzer, and Justin Verlander’s injury. However, David Peterson has been terrible despite surprising many with his consistency last year. On top of that, Carlos Carrasco and Jose Quintana also have injuries. If the Mets want a chance to win, they can’t be running Joey Luchessi, Peterson, and an injured Scherzer every fifth day. 

The bats haven’t been the issue, but they’ve been boring. Only Brandon Nimmo and Pete Alonso have an .OPS higher than .800. Plus, Jeff Mcneil and Nimmo are the only two players with batting averages over .250. Last year’s team had much more consistency at the plate, and a deep lineup. As of now, the Mets just lack the fire and electricity that last year’s team had. 

What they need to do:

If the Mets want a chance to win the division, and a playoff series in a league with the Dodgers, Padres, Cardinals, Brewers, and others, they need an electrifying bat in the lineup to spark a team that’s struggled so far this season. That means they will have to give up one of their top prospects, but it’s completely necessary if that allows them to be a world series contender. With the team in fourth place, an inconsistent lineup, and a feeble pitching staff, starting pitching and a big bad needs to be acquired.