Flying Through The Finish Line

Track Team Competes at County Meet

Northern Valley Old Tappan hosted the county track meet on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13. 

Old Tappan had twelve individuals place first in their respective competitions. Junior Abby Dennis placed first in four different events: 400 meter hurdles, 100 meter dash, 100 meter hurdles, and the 200 meter dash. 

“I feel a sense of calm when running. Although my nerves are high before the race, when the gun goes off, everything clicks,” Dennis said. She attributes her success to, “my team, coaches, and dedication.” 

Throwers Layla Giordano and Jack Small were both double winners in the meet. The junior standouts both won the shot put and discus events. Coach Peter Dunn said, “when Jack and Layla competed, you can pretty much count on 20 points from them.” He added, “they have gotten better as the year has gone on.”

Long distance wise, senior Kate Meeks placed first in the 1600 meter dash and the 800 meter run. 

Seniors Tyler Demarco, Matthew Malora, Mackenzie Ward, and Jamie Kim all also added first place finishes to the total. Demarco and Kim took home the pole vault; while Malora won the 800 meter run, Ward prevailed in javelin. 

Other medal winners included sophomore Samantha Kranzler, senior Nathan Park, senior Caleb Park, junior Dennis Delaney, junior Evan Brooks, Freshman Angie Kelley, junior Samuel Chun, Freshman Ben Johnson, Freshman Claire Bailey, sophomore Jamie Kim, junior Allie Tuite, senior Josh Lim, senior Joie Kim, sophomore Harley McGinnity, and junior Maya Giordano. 

These contributions will be central to the team’s placement which is released next week.