Golden Arts Hosts Annual Spring Showcase

Seniors in theater company are recognized at annual event

On Thursday, May 18, NVOT Golden Arts hosted their annual senior showcase, recognizing senior cast and crew for their contributions to the company. 

The showcase included several acting performances, many from the company’s STANJ competition earlier this year. These performances included senior Zoe Fleury and Dylan Alcruz’s first place performance for comedic pairs, which earned the Governor’s Award.

Selected seniors also received special awards and scholarships for their contributions, including Zachary Ingledue and James Christensen. 

The seniors were honored at the end of the showcase, with theater teacher Susan Van Buskirk awarding seniors who stayed in the company for four years with their varsity letters. As their final send-off, the seniors performed a combination of the shows they’ve contributed to throughout their years in the company, including Into the Woods, A Chorus Line, Spongebob, and Urinetown

Although this was the last time these students will perform together on the NVOT stage, Ingledue, the lead of this year’s spring musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, said, “Family is forever and I’m so glad I get to call this one mine.” 

NVOT Golden Arts will return next year with their fall drama The Diary of Anne Frank and their spring musical, Cats


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  • Senior Seho Lee plays piano for senior performance

  • Senior Zoe Fleury performs a song from “A Chorus Line”

  • Seniors talk about their future plans on stage

  • Juniors Ethan Abreu and Aidan Carney perform

  • Carney and Abreu during their performance

  • Senior Kyra Baily during a performance written by junior Ava Gallucci

  • Theater company performs a number from ‘West Side Story’

  • Performers during their ‘West Side Story’ performance

  • Senior Seho Lee and junior Liana Farah

  • Senior Joseph Gilhooly and junior Ava Gallucci

  • (left to right) Sofia Harvey, Sachi Ikuma, Carol Mendes, Liliana Mangano, and Violet Oster perform an old english scene

  • (left to right) August McGee, Dylan Kirch, Sergo Garcia, and Timothy Lee perform an old english scene

  • Senior Juno Langone and junior Roman Gatti perform a comedic scene

  • Seniors enjoy their final moments on stage

  • Seniors perform ‘BFF’ from “Spongebob, the Musical”

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