The Bachelor Recap: Season 22, Episode 2

Two episodes in and a we have A LOT to talk about.

When I first started watching ABC’s The Bachelor, I was extremely skeptical. However, three years later, I am addicted. It’s alright— I understand that you may not feel the same way that I do, or that you may think you have absolutely 0 interest in knowing anything about Arie and his many women, but let me tell you, The Bachelor is by far the most interesting show on ABC. The show starts with 30 women vying for the heart of one man, and each week some of them are sent home. Every episode the bachelor gives out roses to the women he sees potential with, until there are two women left, and the show ends with a proposal.

After the disaster that was last season’s finale, I vowed to myself that I would never watch The Bachelor again. The fact that Rachel chose Bryan over Peter, was fine, but the issue is the fact that the producers painted Peter in a much better light. Ugh, Peter, I was really hoping you were going to be this season’s bachelor. When I learned that the newest bachelor was going to be Arie, a contestant from 5 years ago whom I had never heard of, I was even more adamant that I wouldn’t watch. Yet, somehow I am hooked again.

We are only two episodes in, so we are still getting to know the women. The fact that there were two one-on-one dates this episode is great, but that means that not as many women got as much time as usual. The one group date was huge, and it was hard to keep track of all the girls.

The episode did, however, feature some standout women. Becca K. is a model for all women who come onto this show. Her poise and grace in this week’s episode is truly stunning. She received thousands of dollars in gifts, and she behaved as any admirable woman should. She thanked the designers and her date, Arie, and was very modest when she returned to the house. Her chemistry with Arie is beautiful, and I cannot wait to see where their relationship goes. I was very pleased that Arie chose her as his first one-on-one date this season.

On the other hand, his decision to take Krystal to his hometown was utterly ridiculous. This is only the second one-on-one date of the season and I understand the producers want the audience to know Ari better, but this was a mistake. 1) It was extremely forward, 2) The entire date mostly consisted of Arie talking about himself, and 3) She’s Krystal!! Krystal is extremely fake, from her voice to the words she says with it, and I believe she is going to be this season’s villain. Stay tuned for a two-on-one date with her and Bibiana—I am calling it.

Krystal’s insistence on not sharing the details of her date with Arie to the girls shows how fake she really is. She wants to leave the other girls in suspense, and she wants to prove to Arie that she is fully focused on their relationship. Ew. Not to mention, the fact that Krystal interrupted not one, but two, girls when they were talking to Arie, after she had already had a one-on-one! Praise be to Bibiana for telling Krystal off.

Part of the reason why this episode was such a good episode, especially because it is only the second one of the season, is that there was actually a complete rose ceremony at the end! Closure!! How amazing!!!

We have a lot to look forward to this season, and if you have never watched The Bachelor, I highly suggest you start. I hope we get some more from Caroline and Bibiana these next few episodes…


Episode Rating: 5/5 Great work, Chris Harrison and Team— I was not expecting this much drama only two episodes in!


Arie’s Best Quote: “I barely graduated high school and I worked at Pizza Hut.” Ah Arie, you do not deserve have of these women. Especially Sienne, the Yale Graduate.


Best Quote Overall: “He literally picked a taxidermist over me.” Oh Jenny, way to leave with a bang. I had no idea who you were at the beginning of the episode, but now that you are gone I will miss you.