The Bachelor Recap: Season 22, Episode 3

This episode was filled with dogs, and not just because there was a dog show


Alexandra George, Staff Writer

Three weeks in to this three month long journey, it’s clear that Arie is beginning to really like some of these women. Arie is not like other Bachelors. Typically, the bachelor will make sure they get an even amount of time with each woman so that there is an even playing field. Arie likes to repeat time with the women he has already started relationships with.

Annalise, the Cry Baby of this season, is well-aware of this fact, so she decides to confront Arie, by asking him straight-up why he has yet to kiss her. His answer, “I just don’t think we are there yet.” Yikes! But honestly, I applaud Annalise for her efforts, in my opinion, it is better to go home and to know exactly why, than to be sent home without a word after the rose ceremony.

Speaking of the rose ceremony, poor Bibiana. Bibiana spends her time during the cocktail hour setting up a comfortable arrangement, consisting of a bed and a telescope, in front of the house for her and Arie to chat. However, Arie finds it before she gets the chance to show him, so he thought the producers left it there for him. He proceeds to bring several other girls over to it, none of which were Bibiana. 🙁

However, it is a well-known Bachelor Fact, that the Kiss of Death is talking to the bachelor about an issue you have with one of the other woman. No matter how fake Krystal may be, Bibiana ends her time on Arie’s season by confronting Arie about her. Bibiana, I thought you were better than this. Rookie mistake.

As for this episode’s only one-on-one date, rest in peace Lauren S. Arie is so uncomfortable with her, that he actually eats the food that was on the table in front of them! That’s against Bachelor Code. However, I do not blame him: Lauren S. is extremely nervous the whole time and overshares to the extreme.

Speaking of… Krystal says she is going to try to be more “aggressive” in getting Arie’s attention from here on out. Um, what? She is already extremely active in getting time, and she has way more time with him than any of the other girls!! Ugh.

I hope next week Arie finally realizes the huge age gap between him and Bekah K. (She is 23; he is 36!!!) ABC has not posted her age on her bio like they have with all of the other girls. Oh my.

I also hope that Sienne gets a one-on-one date and that she sends herself home because she is too good for Arie. He’s a retired race car driver; she’s a Yale graduate.

Next week we are moving out of the house and going to Tahoe! The trips are when the season starts to really pick up, so if you aren’t already watching, I would start now.

Rating: 3/5 Average episode… some drama but not enough. I am still waiting for when all the unimportant contestants go home so we can get to the good stuff.

Arie’s Best Quote: “I just don’t think we’re there yet.” I discussed this earlier, but this quote is absolute gold. What does “yet” mean? That you are going to get there eventually? Why don’t you just kiss her!? You have kissed literally everyone else!

Best Quote Overall: “I think you know that I don’t need you.” —Bekah M. Of COURSE you don’t need him Bekah! You guys just met a few weeks ago! Arie, why are you falling for her cliches? Please focus, we are looking for real love here, not infatuation. I know she is young, but she is not wife material.