Bachelor Recap Season 22: Episode 4

Between the pee-drinking and age-differences, this could be daycare


It’s amazing how slow these episodes can be. After all the drama these past few weeks, I am very disappointed in this week’s episode.

We finally learn Bekah M.’s AGE!! She’s a whopping 22 years old— there’s a 14 year age difference between her and Arie. For many people, this age difference would be a deal breaker, but not for Arie. He reacts with shock, but gives her a rose anyway.

I wonder if Arie realizes that another contestant on the show, Maquel, is only 23. Is he okay with their 13 year age difference? Speaking of Maquel, I respect her for going home to be with her family after the passing of her grandfather. However, I hate that it was publicized on the show.

Additionally, I wish that Caroline had gotten the one-on-one date instead of Bekah. She really is a catch, and I know Arie would love her. They are both realtors, and she was Ms. Massachusetts in 2014. Caroline has a fabulous sense of humor, and she is a loyal friend. Remember how she teamed up with Tia to confront Krystal? Most girls leave their “friends” in the dust when it comes to drama. But alas, Caroline was sent home. What a shame.

The other one-on-one date was with fan-favorite, Seinne. This date is extremely cringeworthy for me. Asa Yale graduate, she is so out of his league. I hope she sends herself home in the upcoming weeks, and she realizes that Arie is not worthy of her. Everyone knows they have no chemistry, but Arie is keeping her around because he is in awe of her.

The group date this week is very strange. I think the idea of survival training is fun, but it is a little too much in this episode. The number of girls willing to drink their own pee to impress Arie is disturbing.

It was also unfortunate that Arie was only able to travel with one of the the three groups. For some women, this date was pointless.

We get a sneak peek at the end of  next week’s episode, and there seems to be a LOT of Krystal drama! I am so excited!


Rating 2 / 5: Overall, pretty boring. Not enough Krystal drama for me. I am expecting a lot more for next week.


Best Arie Quote: “I knew Bekah was young, but I did not realize she was this young!” Really Arie? How old did you think she was!? Her baby face and immaturity did not give it away?


Best Quote Overall: “I would drink my pee for Arie.” —Jenna. I often wonder why Jenna is still on the show, but I do like her. She provides a lot of comic relief when tensions are high.