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The Student News Site of Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan

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The Student News Site of Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan

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What Zelc is New?

English teacher Brook Zelcer launches his own podcast
What Zelc is New?
Elaina Bob

On December 3, English teacher Brooke Zelcer and senior Lilliana Mangano dropped the pilot episode of the new podcast Who Else But Zelc.

Mangano was inspired by her creative writing teacher. “Mr. Zelcer was so funny and wise and as someone who listens to a lot of podcast[s], I thought he would make a great podcast host,” said Mangano.

Episodes will include the kind of fun, eclectic content that Zelcer brings daily to his classes. “Fast moving segments to include… encounters with weirdness… really old comedy bits that young people would like… best Asian food in Bergen County… horoscopes for Giraffes,” said Zelcer.

Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect:
Bird or Nerd:
Tweet tweet. Think you have the skills to decipher between a bird or Zelcer? Listen carefully as either the English teacher himself or one of his favorite birds makes the call, and you take your best guess. Harness your listening skills, and prepare for the imitations as you try and decipher the geek from the squeak.
Speed is the key, so focus in and listen up. In this fast-paced matching game, you’re tasked with finding the similarities between four seemingly unrelated topics and matching them as fast as you can. What commonalities can you find, and how quickly can you do it?

Movie Antonyms:
Put your movie knowledge to the test and get ready to guess films from their opposites. Hear alternate wordings of popular movie descriptions, and use context clues to figure out the original movie. Just beware, some of these may get difficult!

Slang Flashcards:
“Define ‘snatched,’ a popular slang term used in 2019.” Listen as slang from past years is spoken, and do your best to define the popular word of that time. Every “popular” word has been recorded, no matter what form it was used in or how embarrassing the context is.

Creative Writing Prompt of the Day:
Get your pencils or typing fingers ready, as Zelcer delivers a new prompt to write every day. From crazy topics such as “babysitting from hell” to writing “love letters between fictional characters,” there’s something for everyone to write about. The best part is that there are no wrong answers, so set your heart free.

Obscure Cool Songs You’d Really Like:
Listen to Zelcer’s unique song suggestions, or recommend one of your own . If you think it’s good but not many people know it, let the world know your music taste and see if they like it, too.

You can find Who Else but Zelc on Spotify, or wherever you download your podcasts…

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