Bachelor Recap Season 22 Episode 5

Pins weren’t the only things knocked down


So much happens in this week’s episode. Two one-on-one dates, and a group date, and there is plenty of drama to go around.

The first one-on-one date is with Chelsea, and despite my praying, she does not get sent home. Chelsea is sweet, but I do not think she will last. I think her time right now would be better spent back home with her son. Not to mention, she is a little bit annoying.

Their jet skiing date was nothing special, pretty basic. I am looking forward to Paris next week when the dates start to get more extravagant.

Even more basic? This week’s group date. Arie takes the girls bowling! Um, excuse me? I can guarantee that the women were expecting the experiences of a lifetime when they were cast to be on this show. A bowling date is something you can get back home. Blech.

Anyways, the bowling date has plenty of drama, so I do not hate it. Arie sets up a competition between the girls to win extra time with him later in the night. All that is important to know is that Krystal’s team wins. To be honest, I have no idea who else was on her team.

Arie decides after Krystal’s team is announced as the winner, to invite the losing team to join them for the extra time as well. Krystal blows up. She is extremely offended that Arie lied to her.

After the first part of the group date, the girls freak out back at the hotel. Allegedly, Krystal spent the entirety of the bus ride home cursing and yelling about Arie. She ultimately decides not to join everyone else for the extra time, and packs her bags to prepare to send herself home.

When Arie sits down for the second part of the group date, the girls tell him where Krystal is. Naturally, being the kind-hearted man he is, he goes to her room to check on her. They talk it out, and Arie lets her know that he is “upset” and “disappointed” in her actions. He tells her that she should stay in her room and not join them for the rest of the group date (ooooooooooh).

However, (you had to know a “however” was coming, I mean this is Krystal we are talking about) Krystal decides to get dressed and join them on the group date. But, she leaves before Arie gets the chance to see her.

At the end of the night, Krystal still gets a rose. Arie warrants her staying around to the fact that his relationship with Krystal is still one of the strongest on the show. After all, he says, she has met his family. (Every time I start to think I like Arie, he pulls something like this.)

Lastly, Arie and Tia have their first one-on-one date together. There’s not much to talk about here, it’s relatively unproblematic, as Tia is. The only interesting thing about this date is that Tia confesses she is falling for Arie. Girl… don’t you know you are supposed to wait for hometowns for that!?

I am so excited for next week because we are really starting to get to the good stuff. It’s pretty much only left to the women he has solid relationships (except for Jaqueline, go home Jaqueline.)


Rating: 3/5 Solid, but not the greatest. If this episode was filmed in anywhere other than Fort Lauderdale, it would have a better rating.


Best Quote Overall: “Yesterday I wasn’t hiding in my room, I was investing in myself.” —Krystal, I love your way with words, but please sister, go home.

Best Arie Quote: “Stay here and think about what you’ve done.”—He says this to Krystal when he goes to check on her. Reminds me of how one might talk down to a dog. YES Arie!