The New Call of Duty?

Fortnite Takeover


A new free multiplayer game called Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm.

This cartoon third person shooter, has a Hunger Games-esque gameplay. After a hundred players parachute into a map, the game becomes a battle royale to see who will be the last one standing.

The Fortnite craze has definitely hit NVOT. The game has been described as “the new Call of Duty. I mean everybody is on this game right now,” said senior Marquez Antinori.

Fortnite is simply an awesome game,” added sophomore Cheyenne Spafford. What makes Fortnite such a popular game in NVOT is its unique gameplay. “I think the crafting mechanic in this game is really cool,” Spafford continued. “I’ve never played a third person shooter, or any shooting game for that matter, where one of the main strategies to win is building walls as you move around.”

Sophomore Jake Torres said that the game “is just very smooth. Controlling the character is pretty easy and it allows for some pretty cool movement when combined with the ability to make walls on the fly.”

Another aspect of the game that attracts new players is the amount of gaming systems the game is available on.

“At first I was a little upset because I thought the game was only for PC since I wanted my boys to hop on this game with me, but none of them use PC. But after I found out you could play this on the PS4 and Xbox One, I was like ‘hell yeah,’” said senior Kevin Petrie.

It is no mistake that Fortnite has become so popular. With its distinctive play style and multi-platform capabilities, this game captivates many students. Maybe even you will be sucked into the Fortnite craze and become one of the hundreds of players hooked on this game.