Bachelor Recap Season 22, Episode 6

There's nothing like drama in Paris


Okay, before I start I would just like to say… YESSS!!!! Krystal is GONE! Yahooo!!!

That woman is the fakest person I have ever seen on reality tv, and that is saying something. Arie decides to send Kendall and Krystal on a two-on-one date together. This was a surprising choice because Kendall has not really had a lot of drama with Krystal this season.

Two-on-one dates only have one rose, and whoever does not get the rose is sent home immediately. With the amount of history that Krystal and Arie have, I was very nervous for Kendall. But boy oh boy, does she hold her own.

Krystal lies to Arie saying that Kendall is not ready for marriage, but Kendall does not waver. Kendall pulls Krystal aside to address her lies, and she approaches her with extreme empathy. I know I would not be able to keep myself together the way Kendall does: mad props to her.

There were also two one-on-one dates this episode, which I felt were completely pointless. In my opinion, if you are only getting your first one-on-one date now, Arie does not see a future with you, and there is really no point to have you on the show anymore.

Lauren B. (better known as The Last Lauren Standing) gets a tour around Paris in a boat. I am not a fan of Lauren B., she lowkey scares me. There is absolutely no dialogue on the first part of the date, other than the occasional “wow” from Lauren, and it is very awkward. In his confessional, Arie tells the camera that he is thinking of sending her home if she does not open up over dinner.

Arie tries to break her down by telling a very personal story from his past. Unfortunately, it works, and Lauren B. opens up and gets the rose. However, there was some creepy dialogue from her at the end of the episode, so maybe she will be the villain for the rest of the season now that Krystal is gone.

Jacqueline was the other one-on-one date. She has gotten almost no screen time this season, so it was interesting to see a little bit of her personality. Things get a little awkward on this date, first when their car breaks down, and second when Arie says he was initially intimidated by her intelligence. Jacqueline becomes extremely defensive, and wonders why her sharp mind is a bad thing. (I also wonder why he was not intimidated by Seinne, the YALE graduate?) In the end, Jacqueline still receives a rose. One thing is for sure, now that we know Arie is intimidated by intelligence, I can understand why he kept Krystal around for so long.

The group date takes place at the Moulin Rouge, and surprise surprise, Bekah M. gets the rose. I really do like her, she will definitely make it to hometowns, maybe even Arie’s final two. However, I doubt she will win because of her young age. There was little to no drama on the group date because Krystal was not there.

Lastly, we FINALLY get back to the boyfriend who comes back that was previewed all the way back in Episode 1. From the way the teaser ran, it seems like we will hear from the boyfriend back at hometowns. I wonder whose boyfriend it will be… maybe Lauren B?

My top picks going in to hometowns next week are Bekak M., Becca K, and Tia. The fourth spot is up for grabs, but I would guess Sienne. And I am a firm believer that Becca K. will come out on top and that Tia will be next season’s Bachelorette.


Rating: 3/5 Once again, a solid episode, but it doesn’t have the zest I am looking for in a 4 or a 5. It was pretty boring other than the fact that Krystal got sent home.


Best Quote Overall: “I don’t know how shocked I would actually be [if Krystal came home from the group date.] No one thought Trump would win the election either but look-ee here we are.” —Bekah M. I love this girl, I really do. She tells it like it is while still keeping her humor. I will miss her Krystal impression.


Best Arie Quote: “She’s far too intelligent for me.” —Truth! Arie, sweetheart, great job realizing your worth.