Changes in Midterms

Students have made it through the midway point of the year and also through the intimidating midterm exams. There were a few changes to midterms this year.

This year midterm exams were on January 25 and 26. Day two of the tests consisted of makeups from the previous day and the English midterm, unlike last year where the second day was for world language and makeups. This meant that many students who do not take a world language still had to show up on both days. Physical changes also occurred to both the English and some world language midterms.

Sophomore Skyler Falkenstern, who does not take a world language, said that he was “sad to see the change. [He] was hoping to get the day off from school.”

Additonally, some world language midterms added a new listening comprehension part. For this part of the midterm, students listened to a few short excerpts and then answered multiple choice questions based on them

Junior Mason Lane, who is currently taking Spanish 3, said that he “liked the new part of the midterm.” Lane said that he “was nervous at first but it turned out to be pretty easy.”

Sophomore John Kim said that “it was a challenge for him.” Kim went on to say that he “wished he had more of a warning” about the test.

English midterms also saw a change this year. They became more skills based and eliminated the questions about stories they read in class.

Sophomore Jake Wilkins said that he “liked the change because [he] did not like having to study The Odyssey last year.”

These changes will carry over for finals at the end of the year.