Bachelor Recap Season 22, Episode 7

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you might be going homé


Wowowowowowow.    Okay. This episode is a lot to take in. Unlike most people–don’t hate me–but I did not really love this week’s episode. I’m sorry!! It’s just not the kind of drama I live for. I like the episodes that feature confrontation.

To start, WHY is Lauren B. still here!? Can someone please explain to me what her appeal is? Why does Arie like her? She doesn’t speak!

I thought she was a throwaway contestant for the longest time, and that she just slid through each rose ceremony because she did not have any red flags, but she is still here. Whatever, I am not going to devote any more of my time talking about her, because I don’t waste time talking about irrelevant people.

I am very happy to see that Becca K. and Arie still have their chemistry from Week One, but I am disappointed in Arie’s confessionals during this date. He keeps saying how he doesn’t know whether or not he really likes Becca K., when I think she is the clear winner. It is clear Arie does not know what he is doing.

In other news, it is important to mention that, from here on out, I will be referring to Becca K. as just plain old Becca, as Bekah M. has been sent home.

This came as a shock to not only the entirety of Bachelor Nation, but to myself as well. I was sure that Arie would want to go to Bekah’s hometown to learn more about where her very interesting personality comes from, and whether or not their age difference is as extreme as he fears.

I will miss Bekah M. greatly, she has more personality than the other four girls left combined.

Sienne, the Yale graduate, and Arie’s one-on-one date is super awkward. Arie fails several times to relate to Italian culture, and Sienne spends the whole date trying to decide if she is actually falling in love with Arie or not. I am absolutely thrilled that she was sent home this week, as soon as she gets back to the real world she will realize that she is a lot better than this show.

It was very interesting that the relationship Arie felt was strongest during the three-on-one, between Kendall, Tia, and Bekah M., was his relationship with Kendall. Kendall has been a silent taxidermied wolf throughout this season. Although she originally seemed to be this season’s joke contestant, she has really held her own. I think she is the most mature person on this season. I applaud her for her empathy and kindness. Honestly, if you still don’t have a good reason to watch The Bachelor, watch to learn life lessons from Kendall. She is fabulous.

Oh! I almost forgot! Jacqueline sent herself home this episode! She broke up with Arie! The absolute best part of this confrontation is when she, upon entering Arie’s room, asks to take a sip of his wine. AND, before he has the chance to answer, she took the glass from him and finished it off. Ah, Jacqueline, so sweet and quirky, I wish you were featured more on this season. Jacqueline is insecure about her relationship with Arie, seeing how far some of the other relationships have gone. She plans to continue pursuing her doctorate, so good on her.

Lastly, what I believe to be the biggest scandal of this episode was Tia throwing Bekah M. under the bus. I firmly believed that Tia had a shot at being the next Bachelorette, but after this episode, I am not so sure. My allegiance to Tia has faded. I understand that Tia feels she needs to do whatever possible to win Arie’s love, but she should not have talked to Arie about Bekah M.’s age and immaturity.

I think the reason that the producers portrayed this as so evil is because Tia’s ex-boyfriend is going to come back during her hometown date, and they want to make sure that Bachelor Nation is prepared to lose a fan favorite.

As for my predictions, as much as I have been Team Becca since the very beginning, I think that Lauren B. is going to take it all. She is too bland for the producers to be featuring her as much as they are, so it must mean she is Arie’s top pick.

I originally did not see Kendall making it to Fantasy Suites, but it seems like Tia must be going home next week.

Rating: 3/5 I know a lot of you loved this episode, but like I mentioned before, this just was not my kind of drama. Hometowns better have me screaming in shock on my futon.

Best Arie Quote: “I do dig Sienne, but can I dig deep enough?” Oh Arie, you are such a dad. Even in times when a Yale graduate’s heart is on the line, you find a way to make light of the situation.

Best Quote Overall: “I don’t like when I’m not seen for who I really am.” —Bekah M. RIP Bekah, you will be missed. The reason I loved this quote so much is not because of the wording, but the single mascara-ed tear that ran down her cheek as she said it.