Bachelor Recap Season 22, Episode 8

Rats, weiners, and knock-off Kardashians


It’s finally here!!! Hometowns!! This episode, we get to see where all these interesting personalities come from. Each of the 4 remaining women takes Arie to her hometown, plans a date for the two of them, and then at night, Arie meets their families. Hometowns always promise loads of drama and a chance for the relationships to really develop.

First up, in sunny Los Angeles, is Kendall. The date she plans for Arie is filled with taxidermy, of course. She shows Arie several interesting creatures, and she even shows him how to create taxidermy of his own! Her choice for their stuffing is rats. Um, Kendall? Sweetie? Really? I think it’s fair to say that if the rats weren’t already dead, they would sure want to be after this treatment.

Arie meeting Kendall’s family goes smoothly. Her identical twin sister (named KYLIE by the way) has a hard time believing that Arie and Kendall are really a perfect match for each other (girl, don’t worry we all do). She cites the visible distance Arie and Kendall keep between each other, but Kendall claims that she is really starting to fall for Arie. (key word: starting) Sweetheart, it’s a little late, all of the other girls have already fallen.

Next up is the lovely Tia. Tia takes Arie to her hometown of Weiner, Arkansas. Surprisingly the only weiner joke made is when the camera zooms in on the pigs in a blanket Arie, Tia, and her family are sitting around. (I am referencing the mini hot dogs baked in crescent rolls, not actual pigs in a blanket-Arkansas isn’t that weird). Tia sets up my personal favorite date of the episode, in which her and Arie go racing around a track. (For those of you new here, Arie’s only potential appeal besides his blue eyes is the fact that he used to be a racecar driver.) Considering how much trouble Tia had earlier in the season with the bumper cars, I was very impressed that she decides to plan a date out of her comfort zone for Arie.

Although Tia’s family seemed to be one of the stricter one’s in the preview, as she is their only daughter, they warm up nicely to Arie.

Becca’s hometown date in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is almost as beautiful as she is. They go apple picking (so romantic!) and it is picturesque and lovely.

When Arie goes to meet her family, he quickly learns his biggest challenge is going to be Becca’s Uncle Gary, her father figure, as Becca’s dad passed away when she was young. It turns out that Uncle Gary has some great quotes and a huge heart, and he ultimately just wants what’s best for Becca. So lovely.

I have almost nothing to say about Lauren B.’s date in Virginia Beach, and neither did her family. Honestly, I cannot even remember what she planned for their date together: I assume it was something on the beach? The main reason I have nothing to say about her hometown date is that Lauren’s family talks even less than she does! And Arie got to so anxious with the silence that he had to get up to go wipe his face from all the sweat. Lauren B.’s marriage material? I don’t think so, more like mime material.

In the end, Arie decides to send Tia home. Which is sad, but expected, because last week she gave herself the Kiss of Death when she spoke poorly of Bekah M. The only interesting thing about the rose ceremony is that Arie asks to speak to Kendall before he hands out the roses. He wants to know whether or not she is ready for a proposal at the end of all this, in TWO WEEKS, and she says “no,” and he STILL gives her a rose! Oh Arie.

I think he just wants to keep Kendall around because she will be easier to say goodbye to after next week rather than Tia. I mean Tia has been the only one to say she is actually in love with Arie, so I guess he assumes it is best to say goodbye to her sooner rather than later.


Rating: 3/5 Come on Chris Harrison! This season has been average at best. Maybe if Arie were more attractive it would be more intriguing? I miss Krystal and Bibiana. I need DRAMA!


Arie’s Best Quote: “I mean, I think it says something about my feelings for Kendall that I would do that.” (in reference to the taxidermy) Aw Arie, you go. You venture out of your comfort zone for love, you.


Best Quote Overall: “Are you sure you aren’t saying the same thing to all the other parents and their daughters?” —Lauren B.’s mom As much as I hated this hometown date, this quote made me lol. Arie literally did not even change his phrasing between houses. It was if he had rehearsed the same speech word-for-word to convince each parent to grant him their blessing to marry their daughter. And yet, Arie denies it! Go Mrs. B. for seeing through him.